Will Roberts –Respected, Professional Actor of 38+ Years-Opens the Curtain on How to Get your Kids into Show Business…the Right Way.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting your children on screen and of the early advantages this would give them in life, and I’m happy to tell you that your dream is possible!

Show business is a fantastic way for your child to learn self-confidence,professionalism, can-do attitude and work-ethic that will support them in every job they do for the rest of their lives. The work they do now might even help you pay for their college education.You just need to get them started the right way so you help them standout, find them real jobs, and don’t get scammed along the way. I’d love to show you how.

Working with Will Roberts….” Endorsement for Will from an industry professional.

Will Roberts

Hi, my name is Will Roberts, and I’m here to guideand educate parents so they can succeed in show business andnot get scammed along the way. I love my life as a professionalactor. I get to wake up every day and do the work I love to do. You might have seen me and my work on Ellen, or in Cirque du Soleil, as a syndicated radio humorist, or on Fox as a kid’s host. I’m even a Guinness World Record Gun Slinger. I have a lot of different talents that have kept me in show business for over 30 years: from trick roping to dancing, but I like to think it’s my talent for helping parents with their biggest dreams fortheir kids that’s making the world more wonderful.

Some of the Biggest Mistakes I see Parents Make:

  • Thinking they know what they’re doing out the gate
  • Misunderstanding how the industry works
  • Going to the wrong sources for answers
  • Not getting support early
  • Not getting credible support
  • Falling for scams
  • Thinking they will have immediate, effortless success

A wonderful benefit that families enjoy after taking is that parents and kids get to work together as a team, and enjoy bonding and building happy memories along the way.

  • What success in show business means:
  • Being able to say out loud in public that you’re a professional actor
  • Navigate the opportunities successfully
  • Be able to identify and avoid scams

A big secret parents need to know is:Getting into show business the right way will save you years of lost time, mistakes, and wasted dollars.

How to Showbiz is your roadmap to success! If you want to catapult yourself and your child right past the competition so you stand out, you’re in the right place. START HERE.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been thinking about getting your kids work as an actor or model but you’re not sure where to start
  • You want help navigating the opportunities out there for your kids while avoiding scams
  • You’re dedicated to learning and taking action on every step that creates success-Etc.

Now is literally the best time in history to get your child started in show business. Thanks to the Internet, there’s a lot less driving on your part, and more that can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can submit and book jobs all over the world, or in your own town, wherever you want to find work for your kids.But here’s the thing: if you do this wrong out the gate, no casting director has time to stop you and explain what you’re doing wrong. You simply won’t ever get booked. And worse, you won’t even know why.Let me and my professional team help you succeed out the gate so that you don’t make rookie mistakes. This investment in education andsupport is going to save you years of hassle and headache… and even broken dreams.This is an academy, which means I’m here to teach you everything youneed to know. There are over x hours of video in over 20 modules:What’s Inside? Your Cutting-Edge Actor’s Toolkit Includes Video Lessons On:

How to Get Started:

  • Stand Out! Headshots 101
  • How to Build a Bio & Resume from Scratch
  • Avoiding ScamsSpecial Skills
  • First Impressions:
  • Your Kid’s Demo Reel:
  • How to make something if you have NOTHING
  • Acting Secrets from a Pro
  • Social Media Musts & Mistakes
  • The Imperatives of Self-Taping
  • Self Tape SecretsVoice Over
  • Mindset of Success
  • Casting 101 – One VideoAuditions
  • Where to get them
  • Modeling for Children
  • Movies vs. TV vs. Commercials
  • Booked! Now What?
  • Behind the Scenes Set Etiquette
  • On Set – What to expect
  • The Biz of Showbiz


  • Shout out on How to Showbiz Instagram 41,000 followers Casting Directors @HowToShowbiz We create a template response, they shoot it and we post it.
  • Social media for actors 1 1/2 hour seminar
  • Report on how to set up a winning social media account
  • 5 things you should know to get your kids or yourself into Voiceover.
  • How to build a home studio.
  • How to get an agent.
  • Picture evaluation – Value: $100

With more training videos added each month!Your investment: $197 (with 50% off coupon)

*Understand that this is an investment in your child’s future. You’re paying for access, information, and for membership in acommunity of dedicated parents just like you who want the best start for their child. This is a professional learning environment that you can rely on.

  • But this is NOT for you if:
  • You do not want to work
  • You don’t want to follow the experts
  • You are not motivated
  • Logistics:
  • Includes Online Academy you can take class from anywhere in the world
  • Mentoring and discussions inside our private Facebook group
  • Discounts for other opportunities to work with Will not given to the public

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