@UnionWorking .com protest of Bartle Bogle Hegarty – LA, aka, @BBHBlackSheep @WillRobertsActs

UnionWorking.com protest of Bartle Bogle Hegarty – Los Angeles, aka, BBH

This week I took to the streets of Los Angeles, but not for an audition or a film shoot. Today I was being part of a moment happening in the world of entertainment. This moment has been getting stronger in the last several years, the surge of union advertisers backing out of their union contracts and hiring non-union actors. The entertainment industry is not only filled with fun and exciting opportunities, it also is a tight knit family, and watches out for there own. This was very apparent at this rally. As a feature reporter of 30 years I decided to show my support and get the news out. Click on the news reporter to see the whole story.

Nearly 1000 union SAG-AFTRA performers traversed the city sidewalk at 8360 Melrose Ave., which is home to the advertising agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty – Los Angeles, aka, BBH. Why? Because BBH is currently a union signatory and have recently defied their signatory contract with the union regarding hiring non-union talent for their commercial advertising. The SAG-AFTRA commercials contract terminates in March of 2019 and therefore the performers union is in preparation for those negotiations so this breach by BBH comes at a most tenuous time.

The non-partisan independent group, @UnionWorking (www.unionworking.com), is comprised of 13 core members with hundreds of followers have been making a concerted effort for more than two years now to coalesce their peers in an organized intelligent and focused effort. UnionWorking is currently creating a video series with prominent stars and along with their union SAG-AFTRA, were instrumental in the passion, energy and turnout of today’s rally against the actions taken by BBH.



Vist: UnionWorking.com – SAG.org for more information on how you can help!

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Jenn Page @aJennPageFilm & Sarah J. Eagen @SarahJEagen Actor, Writer, Director!

Jenn Page Bio:

Jenn is a member of the professional group “Alliance of Women Directors,” where she is on the Board of Directors and the Co-chair of the Career Advancement Program. She was selected as one of fifty women in Hollywood for “50 Women Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment.” She is also the owner and founder of “Heart on Fire

Sarah J. Eagen Bio:

Sarah is a writer and SAG-AFTRA actor with a neuroscience degree. Sarah is currently a staff writer on the new scifi audio drama The Veil, produced by Voxx Studios and coming out in October, 2018. She was a finalist for the 2017 WIF/Blacklist Episodic lab, and one of her sitcom pilot scripts made it to the second round of the 2018 NYTVF Script Competition.

You are a rock star for even reading this right now. If you are here you probably know me, but in the event you don’t you can see some of my work here http://jennpage.com.)

Most of you know that I was recently selected as one of 6 directors for the first ever Alliance of Women Directors Shoot ‘Em Up. The six directors have been hand selected and are all professional working directors. The premiere screening is set to happen at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank in late October and it is an extreme honor to get to premiere at their theatre and with the 5 insanely talented directors making the other films.

What you may not know is that as a filmmaker I’ve been lucky enough to direct several feature films, music videos, series for the web, live shows, and even a TV talk show. However, never have I had an opportunity like the one here before me now. The opportunity to screen a film at Walt Disney, to be a part of a series featuring other working women filmmakers and seen by high level industry guests. It’s a very exciting time and my team and I are working hard to create the best film we can!


Moreover, we are telling a very important story about a woman who escaped horrific incidents in her homeland of El Salvador and now suffers from mental illness brought on by PTSD. She moves in with a family as a live in housekeeper and slowly starts to unravel. We explore the issues of immigration, mental health, and family. And it’s all based on true events!

We have been given a $1,000 grant by the Alliance of Women Directors to get us off and running. We are more than grateful for the grant and we are putting it to good use. However, it only scratches the surface. We still need money for meals, crew, props, wardrobe, camera gear, post-production services and more!

When we say “every single dollar counts” it has never been more true! $1. $5. $10. $1,000! We’ll take it all and put it all to great use.

We have LESS THAN ONE WEEK until we have to film this!

Thank you for visiting the page and reading all of this and considering helping us!

Love & light,

Jenn Page, Producer/Director



Director: Jenn Page

Writers: Sarah J. Eagen & Jenn Page

Producers: Jenn Page, Sarah Eagen, Chris Edgar, Joanna Ke, Robyn Heller, Mark Needle

Associate Producer: Amber Romero

AD: Fanny Pierre

Cinematographer: Sara Baum

Makeup Artist: Katherine Fernandez

Stunt Coordinator: Matthew Norman

More crew to come!

Adelita (our El Salvadorian woman): Tessie Herrasti

Celia (daughter): Harley Silva

Caleb (son): Ian Nunney

Noah (father): John L. Curtis

Jayla (mother): Lisa Roumain-Smith

Soledad: Lauren Albo

More cast to come!


Magic Apple Radio – Rudy Tinoco of the Magician’s Fourm @themagiciansforum & The Halo Project!

This weeks Magic Apple Radio we have guest Rudy Tinoco of the Magician’s Fourm & a great new Magic tutorial – The Halo Project:

I’m very excited to share something with you that I’ve been working on with some help from a few members of our forum. It’s called “The HaLo Project – The Magic of Harry Lorayne” and the following video will explain more about it.

The cost is $10 and can be ordered at Lybrary.com

Here is the direct link: www.lybrary.com/halo-project-1-p-922630.html

In volume 1, you will learn:

“What Are the Odds?”
“Relationships Plus Royal”
“The Sting”
“Easier 6-Card Royal”

Volume 2 is complete and will soon be available for download at Murphy’s Magic (check here for updates).

My hope is that the HaLo Project with help magicians discover or rediscover the wonderful magic that Harry has created over the years.

I’m very grateful to him for his willingness to allow me to share his magic with you and I’m honored to count him as a friend.










Baron Brown Studio @ActatBaronBrown – Summer Intensive enrollment with Tom Patton is teaming up with Charley Boon

Baron Brown Studio – Summer Intensive enrollment with

Press Release

Summer 6-week Intensives Now Enrolling

LA’s Premier Acting School specializing in the Meisner Technique is now taking interview appointments for Summer Intensive enrollment. The Meisner Technique is an acting method originated by Sanford Meisner and The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio strives to uphold the Meisner legacy in its entirety. Tom Patton is teaming up with Charley Boon for a 6-week intensive beginning September 5th. Classes meet three times a week, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 6:45 PM and Saturday morning at 10:45 AM. Detailed information on schedule options is available through the Studio. This is the last 6-week intensive of the year.

  • Location: The Baron Brown Studio – 1323 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Contact: For scheduling an interview or questions: Baron Brown Studio at 310.451.3311 or info@baronbrown.com.