Photographing Your Baby 4 Tips from an expert @Kids_Casting

4 Tips for Photographing Your Baby

There’s no shortage of milestones to photograph in your baby’s first year. The first smile, first tooth, first step, first messy bite of a chocolate cake. We’ve had lots of KidsCasting parents ask us how to take quality baby photos in their home, and we’re happy to share some great tips with you.


1) Lighting

First and foremost:


If you’re shooting indoors, find a place in your home with beautiful natural light. To make the light softer, you can put up a light bedsheet in front of the window. Don’t position your baby in the direct sunlight, instead, step back or to the side about 3–5 feet to where you are in the shadows.

If you’re shooting outdoors, try to shoot in the warm, syrupy light of early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky  — professionals call these “the golden hours” with good reason!


2) Equipment

It might seem that nothing beats professional shots, but you can get great results on your smartphone, too. We loved this tutorial from YouTuber Leah Ashley where she explains how to get the perfect photo with your iPhone:


If, however, you’re looking to invest in some gear, DSLR cameras are just perfect for photographing babies, as they can shoot in raw, allow for lens changing and have a high ISO range. Choose fast shutter speeds and/or high ISOs. There’s nothing worse than capturing a great moment that is slightly blurry because the shutter was too slow.


Mirrorless systems are also great because they shoot silently, keeping your baby undisturbed.


3) Setting the scene

Make sure your baby is fed, changed and in a good mood. The room needs to be very warm, babies will feel best in warm room temperature above 75 degrees.


Clear out the clutter and look out for visual distractions. It will be very disappointing if you capture the perfect smile, only to notice later some mess in the background.


Your baby hasn’t yet fully adapted to the outside world at this point, and they can easily get distracted by the sounds around them. White noise machine does wonders to drown out the noise.

As for the props and decorations, you probably already have all the props needed for the perfect photo. You can use your baby’s favorite blanket, book or toy. Avoid over-the-top outfits — if you’re shooting for a portfolio, the attention should be on your baby’s face.

If you’re shooting outdoors, seasonal decorations like pumpkins, flowers, and autumn leaves will provide a great frame of reference for your baby pictures. We just loved the work of photographer Kath who recently got featured in People magazine with her amazing and colorful sitter sessions:


4) Emotions

Being able to capture your baby’s interest is key to getting great pictures. Strive for eye contact. If you’re shooting with a DSRL, discourage well-meaning assistants from trying to get the baby to look at them. Usually, this results in a vacant stare above or past the camera. Instead, make your baby’s favorite sounds, ask them questions about the other objects in the frame, or sing their favorite song.


Finally, over-shoot. Digital photography is free and unlimited. It often takes 10 photos or more to get one great one, and you’ll be happy to have choices when it comes time to edit the photos.


Once you have selected the best photos, head to your baby’s profile, upload them and submit applications to our amazing casting calls for the youngest talents!



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Talent in the Spotlight for @Kids_Casting: Lani Brooke Lum Actor, Singer, Dancer.

Talent in the Spotlight for @Kids_Casting: Lani Brooke Lum Actor, Singer, Dancer.

This week’s guest on our Talent in the Spotlight series* is Lani Brooke Lum, a model, actress,
singer, dancer, contortionist and one of our Featured Talents**. We are happy to share this interview with Lani’s mom Crystal who has some amazing insights into raising a gifted child and balancing work and play.

Lani photos

Lani is just 10 years old but already has quite an industry experience. When did she first show interest in acting and modeling?

Lani first showed interest in modeling at a young age, I would say she was about 3 years old. She has also had such a big presence in front of the camera, and over the years her personality grew. She was probably 5 when she started to really want to act.

Many parents see artistic potential in their kids but are not sure where to start developing the child’s talent. What were your first steps in starting her career?

The first thing I did was ask her if it was something she was interested in. Next, I researched a lot, and I do mean a lot for local agencies as well as online casting sites which is when I found KidsCasting. We started small with boutique modeling, she had also done pageants since 9 months old.

This week Lani was #1 KidsCasting Featured girl, congrats! How long have you been using KidsCasting, and how did you find out about us?

Thank you, we’re excited! I think we’ve been using KidsCasting for about 4 years now. I first found out about KidsCasting through looking on Google.



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The both of us with a combined 70 years of acting career experience around the world talking about how to help creators and performers out there to stay focused ,motivated and being efficient and effective self promoters in the world of social media platforms. Coming from totally different backgrounds and being raised in to totally different worlds and continents what connects us is the sheer passion for our craft and the struggle we’re facing everyday on how to thrive and being fulfilled even when playing smaller roles maybe or having to face dry hiring periods. It’s about finding joy in what we all do in this crazy world. Getting out of bed every morning with the constant desire to improve and showing the very best you got all the times. Tools experience and insights. So join our dialog get inspired and ask us questions,cause we’re both here to help.
Lorenzo Patanè The Coachmc
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Born to be wise 40 years ago in Sicily, Lorenzo Patanè moved with his family to Germany, where he started acting in Waldorf Schooland small theatres at the age of 12; never stopped learning since then. He attended Manfred Riedel’s drama school at the age of 24 and two years later he entered the prestigious Theater Lindenhof, making his Shakespeare debutat the Globe Theater Schwäbisch Hall shortly afterwards. His break-through success as protagonist came in 2005 with the multi-award winning german TV show “Sturm Der Liebe” . In recent years, he collaborated with Rosee Riggs (GER), Christof Biermayr (GER), Hans Zimmer (USA), Michael Ball (USA), Rob Dessena (USA), Ebony Butler (AUS), PIF (ITA), Roberto De Feo (ITA), Vito Palumbo (ITA).

During his artistic adventures through out the world, he also opened up a dazzling design-boutique restaurant in Stuttgart named “Bella Italia Weine”, collaborating with renomated IF Design Group architects. The place won several prices, awards and mentionings.

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