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Acting Up Radio – Margie Haber Hollywood’s top audition coach! & Adam Lieblein of Breakdown Services! 

Margie Haber- With over 40 years of experience

Margie Haber is known as Hollywood’s top audition coach. This this is how she began her career. Margie’s philosophy empowers actors to create strong ‘characters’ for both auditions and booked roles. And whether that is in TV, film or stage. Its about finding your own power in the lives you create.

Margie Haber has always given her all to her students. It was while teaching at the Lee Strasberg Institute in the 1970’s that she noticed actors were confident at scene study but struggling with the audition process. Using her past experience as a speech therapist combined with her acting experience Margie developed the internationally recognized Haber Phrasing™. A 10-step instinctual approach to cold reading and auditions.

The Margie Haber Studio opened in 1986 and just a few years later, two of Margie’s clients, Brad Pitt and Michael Easton, wound up testing for the same role in the film “Thelma & Louise“. That was Pitt’s career breakthrough role and she’s helped thousands of other actors do the same ever since.

How to get the part without falling apart



Based on Margie Haber’s 35 years of experience as an actress and teacher. How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart promises to take away the “three p’s” – pain, panic, and performance anxiety.

It takes away from anxiety from the cold- reading process. While giving back the “big P,” POWER, to the actor. And it is filled with real-life (and often hilarious) audition stories from her clients. And some of the nation’s leading actors, with comments and anecdotes from over fifty top industry professionals.  Also the book is divided into four sections, each dealing with a different aspect of auditioning.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Breaking Down the Scene (“Slice of Life”)

The Haber Phrase Technique

Words From the Pros.

Available for purchase from Barnes & Noble, online at, or call 310-854-0870 to order an autographed copy and have it shipped to you for $25 (within the U.S.; additional international rates do apply).


Check out Margies Vimeo On Demand interactive follow-up to her successful book! How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart. “Stop Acting” builds on the original material with updates. And this innovative experience brings Margie’s class into your home and on-the-go. Also over 130 minutes of video, text, and interviews with working actors to help you. “Jump out of your box, and risk to be seen.” <<< GREAT VIDEO!

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Adam Lieblein of Breakdown Services. 
Join Adam Lieblein as he examines the five forms of talent representation available in Los Angeles, and how an actor can make the best use of each of them. He will discuss the best ways to utilize Actors Access as the primary format for creating an online portfolio that will be the most productive for use by agents, managers, and self-submissions. Time permitting, he will also share some of the other most useful web-based resources for actors in Los Angeles.
R.S.V.P. Now

Adam Lieblein is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television, and spent eight years as a producer of films, commercials and television projects until 1993 when he opened a talent agency. Adam was the president of Acme Talent & Literary for sixteen years, and together with his eighteen agents represented actors for film, television, commercials, print modeling and voiceover work, and writers for film and novels. At the end of 2008, Acme’s several divisions in LA and NY were sold to other agencies, and Adam returned to the business of producing and teaching. In 2015, after teaching the Business of Acting at UCLA for 20 years, Adam received the Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award from the Entertainment Studies division at UCLA Extension. From 2011 to 2017, Adam served as a Lead Project Manager for Casting Networks International, and has recently become the Director of Business Development for Breakdown Services and Actors Access.


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