Ajay Jhaveri of @ArgentumPhoto talks to Will about being the head of the line of headshots!

This episode I traveled to Los Angeles to do my first live and in person interview of my guest. The focus of the show has shifted to hitting the road and getting upfront and personal with my guest. I had this thought in mind, because I love people and talking to to someone sitting across from you might be a thing of the past, but I am hoping it will make a comeback, sorry social media.  Now I have to tell you that although the idea was mine originally, I did get a nudge from todays guest. I contacted him on instagram and he basically said “No, why don’t you come to me..” So I must give credit where credit is due!
Please sit back, relax, unless you are driving … and listen to my conversation with Ajay Jhaveri Argentum Photo.
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Argentum Photo. Argentum.com  Instagram.com/ArgentumStudios  Instagram.com/AjayJhaveri 

Argentum Photo was created in 1987 by Ajay Jhaveri in a small room with one photo enlarger, four trays and no employees, located in the heart of the media district of Hollywood. Argentum was the first photo lab to offer black/white and color headshots for the same price. As we enter the digital age, Argentum is constantely evolving and growing to provide actors with services they need. Have started as a print lab, Argentum has now added valuable actor services like retouching, selftape auditions, headshots, actor reels, actor scenes, actor websites.
My Guest: 
Ajay Jhaveri
Photography has been my passion and livelihood my whole life. I came to Los Angeles from India in 1980 and have been living here ever since. I have been shooting headshots and working with Actors in Los Angeles since 1980. In 1988 I started Argentum Photo Lab that specializes in working with other headshot photographers and actors. I shoot all my headshots in a studio under controlled lighting. They are very specific in nature and I have found over the years that I like a close personal headshot. I do not vary from this style of headshots. If this very close personal theatrical style of headshots interests you please contact me to schedule a consultaion.
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