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Hey everyone! I’m looking for hot SINGLE MEN who want to be on the MTV reality/dating show, “Are You The One?” Must be 21-25 to apply. It’s a ton of fun and you could win big $$$…plus find a beautiful lady love!

Previous episodes are at if you want to check it out.

Email me three photos and a short bio to be considered!


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? BIG AGENCY ? link here ??

Hey I know there are some moms with child actors that fit the character description. @jv8inc is currently holding an open casting ? Tag a baby actor or his mamma or papa ? DONT SAY I NEVER HELPED YOU LOL ?

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5 Characters for the short conceptual Sci-Fi “Virtue”, set 100 years in the future, where emotional freedom is illegal for the less fortunate.
This film shows the power emotions have in our society’s official systems, while demonstrating a dystopian forecast.
“In 2123, a young Operative (Ward) is interrogated for crimes against her oppressive government.”


5 Shooting days from the 3rd to the 10th April. Shooting in London
The maximum amount of days each character is required for is listed.

Auditions are being held on Thursday the 1st and 8th of March.

Leading Role – 6 Days max
26-30 – Female – Dark brown hair – Athletic build
Virtue is an operative for the government body that polices the nation, she investigates whether people of the lower and middle class are taking serotonin to enhance their emotional state, and is investigated herself for this very crime.
Attributes: Intelligent, lone wolf, wily.

Supporting Role – 4 Days
30-40 – Male – Long Hair
Mekov is an emotion permitted agent of the tyrannical system, he chases down resistances and any who try and use serotonin without the government’s permission.
He has little regard for the officers and operatives in his division, but that regard isn’t being extended to the people he investigates either.
Attributes: Stern, rebellious, leader.

Supporting role – 3 Days max
27-32 – Male – Dark Hair
Karrick is also a ward operative at Virtue’s rank but he specialised in surveillance. He’s been partners with Virtue since they were in the academy. He’s done with emotion suppression, and will seemingly do anything to get emotion clearance.
Attributes: Ambitious, rash, discontent.

Supporting Role – 1 Day
25-30 – Female
She is a robotic AI who announces all reports morning, noon and night on the news. So helps establish the world, tone and stakes for the film.

Supporting Role – 1 Day
20-25 – Male – Blonde Hair
He’s a lowly ranking officer fairly fresh in terms of interrogation. He’s obedient to anyone that outranks him, may be too soft for the job he has.

I’m the Casting Director and think this will be an exciting project for all involved. Featuring action, sci-fi, face-off scenes and highly visual sets. The script Nick has written is an interesting portrayal of a future dystopia and I’m excited to see how it all turns out, especially as it’s just one segment of a feature film. The film is being shot on an Arri Alexa with Optimo Angenieux lenses by our Director of Photography Samuel Perry-Falvey –

To apply please email me at stating which role(s) you’d like to apply for. Ideally with a headshot, past work, spotlight and showreel.

All food and travel expenses covered, and upon completion you will receive a downloadable file of the finished film, as well as any takes you’d like to have for your portfolio or show reel (The Script Supervisor/ Edit Logger will be making a note of which takes and will be able to note your favourites.).

My current showreel, containing work up until September 2017. Music: Quantic -Time Is The Enemy +44 (0)7954150523

Auditions for Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics
An improvised play in two acts.

Audition for Theatre Momentum’s first production of 2018.
We’re back!
Actors will bring their real life stories (lies and damned lies) and trivia they study during the rehearsal process (statistics), and twist them up into an improvised two-act play. This production is not strictly comedic or dramatic, but will lean more towards dramatic, with elements of comedy. Auditioners are encouraged to consider themselves actors first, and to bring realistic, honest, vulnerable performances to the stage.

Wednesday, March 7th and Sunday, March 11th.
Pay: There will be a small stipend for the run, with additional commissions for ticket sale referrals.

Auditions for Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics An improvised play in two acts. Wednesday, March 7th and Sunday, March 11th.

Stephen King’s “Mr. Mercedes” Casting Extras in Charleston

“Mr. Mercedes,” a 10 episode series based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. King’s novel came out in June 2014 and made the New York Times bes…

Filming: Atlanta, Georgia
Email Headshot/Demo Reel/Resume to the following:
Must have open Availability(weekends filming)
Race: Caucasian Male
– Character Information: A career of killing has taken a toll on him, both physically and in regards to his personal life as a father and widow. When he is called to action, he can shut off everything and focus – his skill and precision is matched only by his love and loyalty to his family.
– Personality Trait: Arrogant/Sarcastic/Cocky
– Age Range: 40’s-50’s
Cast member will receive: IMDB Credit, Pay Deferment %, Copy of finished project , and Food catering on set.

Hello everyone,
We are currently looking for a supporting actress for my upcoming project.

Character profile 28-35 years old 5ft 4-5ft 8inches to play an attorney, very feisty, and strong willed lady with seductive demeanor.

Please send headshots, reels and or resume to

Audition date and location for the rest of the cast will be scheduled and announced in a couple of days

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World premiere of one act play written and directed by Camille Jenkins


Follow the revealing journey of three Yoruba goddesses as they grapple with the responsibility of creating a guide for black women trying to survive in a world that doesn’t always allow them to thrive.

When summoned by three modern day women, Oba, Oshun, and Oya, powerful Orisha sisters, attempt to make sense of societal obstacles unique to women of African Diaspora. They discover that the task at hand is challenging, even for goddesses.


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