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Fb: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo….

So I did a music video recently and it just launched, (Space Joke) this last week. So I sat down on the phone with the artist and friend, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo…. and talked about Life, Love, and the pursuit of RappyNess !


Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a Grammy winning, internationally touring, purple velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenemenon. Combining the positive, primal power of hip hop with the surreal storytelling of science fiction, 23 Skidoo has concocted a potent
potion that wows family crowds across the planet.

The ingredients of his magic spells include reverence for the boundless mindstates of young children, respect for the culture and DNA of hip hop, funk and soul music, and a deep belief in the power of the imagination to change the world in positive ways, both personal and universal.

If you can imagine a band with Jim Henson on guitar, Shel Silverstein on bass and PIXAR as the lead vocalist, you’ve pretty much got it. And if George Clinton and Q Tip stopped by the party, that might clarify things even more. Basically, if Dr. Seuss and Dr. Dre had a baby, it would be the music of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Nuff said.

In 2007, Skidoo had already spent over a decade touring the nation with various live band/hip hop groups as a rapper and producer. He’d opened up for MOS DEF, RUN DMC, P-Funk All Stars and The Sun Ra Arkestra. And best of all, he’d helped bring a beautiful little baby girl into the world. By that time, she was 5 years old, and as smart as a smart car that runs on smart drinks. Taking a break from the road, Skidoo taught little Saki (aka MC Fireworks) how to rap, and together they made the world’s first album of family hip hop, literally from a family that makes hip hop. It caught on quick, and they soon had a #1 hit on SiriusXM’s family channel, which started planting seeds across the nation and beyond.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Wins the Grammy!

In the next decade, 23 Skidoo, MC Fireworks, and Bootysattva (aka Mom) rocked lots of shows with a bunch of awesome friends who sang, scratched records, danced, played instruments and did backflips. They played Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and the Smithsonian. They flew to Canada for the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and to India for the Buddy Daddy Family Festival. They got glowing reviews in TIME, USA Today, People, and a bunch of other magazines and stuff. They racked up a total of ten #1 hits on SiriusXM, and ended up on NPR’s “All Things Considered” twice. Their music videos are currently playing on NBC’s kids’ show “Sprout House”. And in 2014, they got nominated for a Grammy, and in 2017, they WON the Grammy for “Best Children’s Recording”!!! That was cool. Got to go onstage in a tophat and everything.

As well as releasing six full length albums, two books, one record, a line of hot sauce, and an E.P. that combines the entire Asheville Symphony with beats and rhymes, 23 Skidoo has written and produced the music for the US Library’s Summer Reading Program for six years running. He been its official New York State spokesman in 2010 and its official Reading Champion in 2017, because books are awesome. And he’s taught countless kids to write their own rhymes in workshops across the country.

In the decade of dancing down this crazy path, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has evolved a sound and style that never dumbs down the music or underestimates the audience. With funk and beats as real as bands that play at midnight, and with lyrics that aren’t afraid to employ a larger vocabulary that what is currently heard on mainstream radio for grown ups, Skidoo fashions a world intended for the whole family. The universal constants that we all deal with, such as love, struggle, dreams, fear and learning to become ourselves, are the soul of these musical adventures that bounce, fly and slide smoothly through landscapes of wild imagination.



Each week we will bring you updates from our out in the frontline reporter and member of Union Workers Group.

“The bridge to positive solutions for all union actors.”

UnionWorking’s Mission Statement

UnionWorking is a grassroots effort to stem the tide of union busting that is now destabilizing our nation’s working families.

Born from entertainment industry unions that work and support each other every day, UnionWorking seeks to strengthen bonds with labor unions across the country and, indeed, around the world.

UnionWorking understands that together, unions strengthen America’s workforce and America’s economy to better position our workers and our nation in the global marketplace.

Each week Kevin will give up updates on the progress of Union Workers in the Film, TV, and Commercial world.  If you are SAG, Fi-Core, or eligible for SAG you can ask questions and Kevin will try to address your questions and concerns on


Will Roberts @WillRobertsActs Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”

Actor Will Roberts Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”


Contact: Will Roberts

Company: The Natoma Group 

Phone: 702-481-5829



Will Roberts Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”

[Hollywood, CA], [ Aug, 16 2018 ] Actor and comedian, Will Roberts, won Best Actor in a Short Film during the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for the short film “Signal.” The 2018 edition of the film festival took place from August 10 to August 12 at the Sepulveda Screening Room in West Los Angeles, California. 

The Golden State Film Festival aims to provide emerging independent filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their works and talents. Independent actors and filmmakers usually don’t get much recognition and appreciation for their work due to other big names in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. The film festival allows independent filmmakers to enjoy exposure before esteemed industry decision-makers and film enthusiasts. This year’s Golden State Film Festival also featured filmmakers from around the world and both feature-length and short films. 

Signal was nominated for Best Short Film. Although the film did not win the award, Will Roberts, the lead actor in Signal, still won Best Actor in a Short Film. 

“THE OTHER DAY … I attended the Golden State film festival @goldenstatefilmfestival in Los Angeles. Saw the first time viewing of @SignalTheFilm that was created, shot, and produced by @diogomorgado. I was fortunate enough to be the LEAD ACTOR In this short film. I went to the film festival with the intention that we were up for the best short film. THE BAD NEWS … we did not win the best Short film. THE MIND BLOWING part of it is, I just received the BEST ACTOR in a short film of all the films. I’m beside myself… thank you @diogomorgado @dana_johann @vitorgiudicioficial @alexandrearaujooficiall .. this is an amazing thing! #IdLikeToThankTheAcademy lol and thank you #Brazil for the great background you provided us,” says Will. 

Signal has received 6 other best film awards.

Will has been an actor for the past 30 years. He has spent the last 30 years developing a variety of talents, including hosting, shooting, clowning, dancing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Will has worked as an on-air FOX Kids host, theater actor, and syndicated radio humorist.  He has performed on Las Vegas strip and showcased his comedic work with the renowned Cirque du Soleil. 

He has played various roles throughout his acting career. His previous works include the TV series “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead” where he played the role of Detective Alan Davis and the feature film “The West and the Ruthless” where he was a cast as Emery Chaplin. 

Aside from being a veteran actor, he is also a Guinness World Record Gun Spinner, professional cowboy, whip artist and trick roping expert. Will is a skilled voice talent as well. He provides the high-quality voice-over for online and radio commercials, whiteboard, web spots, presentations and other audio tracks. Since each track is professionally mastered, it can be added to the media immediately. The tracks are noise-free and have clear diction. Will has provided the voice-over for a wide range of clients, including Salinas Rodeo, Cherokee Sports, Raptor Razor Knifes, Harteis Ranch, Hawke Optics, Bear Archery, Pocket Hose, Hollywood Hunter and PBR.

About Will Roberts:

Will Roberts has been a professional actor for more than 20 years. He is a mechanical bull coach, gun coach, and roping coach. Will is also a motivational speaker, gun spinner, dancer, fire performer, magician, singer, mime, juggler, trick roper, cowboy, whip artist, equestrian and physical comedian. 


For more information, call 702-481-5829 or email 

New F&V K4000 Power Daylight and Bi-Color 1×1 LED Panel Lights Released

New F&V K4000 Power Daylight and Bi-Color 1×1 LED Panel Lights Released

Photographers and videographers have been looking for major improvements in LED panel lights, at an affordable price. Today, their wishes have been satisfied.

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F&V Daylight Power Panel, Bi-Color Power Panel

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New Attachment System

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f&v light panels
F&V Light Panels

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Jenna Edwards an award-winning producer & creator of

Wow this weeks show I got lucky! I was just talking to a group of actors about all the cheap commercials and films that large companies are making and how the actor is now just getting the crumbs of the productions, from non union and some union. It just seems with the advances of technology with filming and producing, the actors product (Acting) has gone backwards. We are paid less, productions are more unsafe than they have ever been.

This got me thinking about doing a show on self producing, self mastery, AND I remebered that our friend of the show introduced me to some great motivators in the film and TV industry. So, I reached out to one of them Jenna Edwards an award-winning producer, and creator of Indie Movie Mastery Online Producing Course, and to come on the show and talk about what I called the PRO-Actor. Now this does not mean professional actor, it means the ProACTIVE actor ( #ProActor ) and how they can learn to take control of their career, and create their own opportunities. Listen to the weeks show, Jenna is great and truly inspiring.


Jenna Edwards is an award-winning producer having been one of the first producers to ever do a “day and date” release with theaters and iTunes as well as being the first to ever produce a narrative feature for

Her specialty is making sure the filmmaker is focused on their ultimate career goals while figuring out how each project helps to lead them on that path. Her passion is helping filmmakers figure out how to really make a living making the movies they want to make, that includes getting FULL FUNDING for their projects.

She was a teacher at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and has recently become a #1 best-selling author.

Check out Jenna’s Podcast at:

As the creator of the Indie Movie Mastery Online Producing Course, Jenna believes there’s a million ways to make a movie, but there are certain foundations that you must know in order to make it easier.

She teaches those with a friendly sternness and a whole-lotta yellow in her self-study course available at Vimeo. Her personal dream is to see creative people really doing the projects that feed their souls because she believes that when your own light is being made brighter, you are able to shine that light more effectively on the world.





Jenna Edwards

Writer | Speaker / Award winning producer,  



Arthur Trace – The Artful Deceiver on – @ArthurTrace

Arthur Trace is a Los Angeles magician who performs worldwide. His shows offer an original and strong magic experience that astonish and entertain the mind, senses, and funny bone. During a performance unusual props, imaginative scenarios, and masterful sleight of hand are artfully combined to evoke wonder.

Arthur Trace – The Artful Deceiver – Magician

Highly acclaimed by his peers as “one of the most unique acts in the world of magic today,” said R.G. Smith, Executive Show Director of The Society of American Magicians, Arthur Trace is the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal. In 2006 he became a FISM award winner at the World Championships of Magic in Stockholm. And in 2007, Arthur was awarded the “Best Cabaret Magic” award at The World Magic Awards. In 2015 and 2016, The Academy of Magical Arts nominated Arthur as the Stage Magician of The Year.

Being recognized amongst his peers has brought many opportunities, some of which include: appearing on national television broadcasts in seven countries, touring China with the WuQiao Circus, performing for Prince Albert II of Monaco at The Princess Grace Theatre, and producing his show aboard The Queen Mary. Last year Arthur had the honor of headlining The Magical Mystery Show at the legendary Wintergarten Variete in Berlin, Germany and at The House of Magic in Macau.

Combining original magic, audience participation, and imaginatively humorous scenarios, Arthur’s show is innovative, artful, and fun. Great for young and old audiences alike, each year he brings his artful deception to corporate and theater audiences worldwide. Watch Arthur perform and find out why Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune called him “one of magic’s bona fide superstars!”

When not touring, Arthur lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog.

INFO you need to know! 

Show Link:
Video Promoting The Show:
Penn & Teller Fool Us spot:



Arthur Trace Productions Inc.
Arthur Trace – 818.489.6555

Acting Up Radio Josh Tallo of, @fvlightingusa,@koll_ltd

Josh Tallo of
Tallo Filmworks is an independent, full service production company operating from the greater Chicago area, servicing clients locally, nationally and worldwide. We invite you to watch our reel, check out our work, scope our clients and ask about our services & how we can help you. Fill up our inbox for all your production needs. We promise to respond. If we don’t, please send an aggressive gif. Like this one.


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#Contest This is one you don’t wanna miss… my friends over at @koll_ltd using – Are giving away a Z400S Soft Light this June! Many ways to enter (link in bio). Must follow us and @fvlightingusa .. This light is worth over $1,000!


Z400S Soft LED Studio Light Giveaway Contest on

This is one you don’t wanna miss… my friends over at @koll_ltd using – Are giving away a Z400S Soft Light this June! Many ways to enter (link in bio). Must follow us and @fvlightingusa .. This light is worth over $1,000! In any type of production light is one of the key elements. So making sure your subject(s) can be seen is a must. But making sure that the lighting you use is cutting edge, not to hot, or is portable enough is what it is about!



Z400S Soft LED Studio Light Giveaway Will Roberts interviews @LeandroHussum of Não se aceitam devoluções

Leandro Hassum Brazilian Actor

Todays show is a special show. Todays show i am interviewing a Brazilian actor that I worked with on a film last year in Brazil.

Star of blockbuster film : Não se aceitam devoluções
Leandro Hassum, is a Brazilian actor, comedian, writer, producer, comedian and voice actor.

He is well known for having played the fun and unlucky fat Jorginho in the TV Show humorous Zorra Total and Os Caras de Pau.

In 2012 he starred in the franchise Até que a Sorte nos Separe us that reached 320,000 box office in its first weekend of exhibition and became the best opening of a national film of that year gaining two more sequels.

Take a listen to this fun and educational show.

Leandro’s social media:

Will Roberts as the Judge with Leandro Hassum

Hoje ActingUpRadio é um show especial. Hoje vou mostrar eu entrevistando um ator brasileiro com quem trabalhei em um filme no ano passado no Brasil.

Estrela do filme: Não Se Aceitam Devoluções
Leandro Hassum, é ator, comediante, escritor, produtor, comediante e dublador brasileiro.

Ele é bem conhecido por ter atuado como o divertido e azarado Jorginho no programa de TV Zorra Total e Os Caras de Pau.

Em 2012, ele estrelou o gigante sucesso, Até Que A Sorte Nos Separe ! Chegou a 320.000 bilheteria em seu primeiro fim de semana de exibição, e se tornou a melhor abertura de um filme nacional daquele ano ganhando mais duas seqüências.

Ouçam esse divertido e educativo show!


Z400S Soft LED Studio Light Giveaway @Koll_ltd @fvlightingusa

Z400S Soft LED Studio Light Giveaway Contest on

This is one you don’t wanna miss… my friends over at @koll_ltd using – Are giving away a Z400S Soft Light this June! Many ways to enter (link in bio). Must follow us and @fvlightingusa .. This light is worth over $1,000! In any type of production light is one of the key elements. So making sure your subject(s) can be seen is a must. But making sure that the lighting you use is cutting edge, not to hot, or is portable enough is what it is about!



Z400S Soft LED Studio Light Giveaway

Filmmaker & Director Jenn Page @TheJennPage

Today’s show we have

Jenn Page has directed and produced multiple feature films, branded series, music videos, live stage shows, and a TV talk show. Determined and passionate, Jenn has a reputation for taking on tough projects and exceling against the odds. Although she’s directed in almost every genre, she’s most drawn to romantic dramedy and musical projects. Some of her work includes the multi-award-winning comedy musical feature film “Waiting in the Wings” starring Lee Meriwether and Shirley Jones, the award-winning musical comedy web series “My Two Black Girlfriends,” the multi-award-winning “The Breakout: A Rock Opera,” and the International Academy of Web Television’s live awards show hosted by Tony award-winner Roger Bart. Most recently, she completed “Playing with Beethoven,” a classical piano-based feature film that is currently in post-production.

Jenn is a member of the professional group “Alliance of Women Directors,” where she is the chair of the in-house shadowing committee. She has co-founded women and filmmaker organizations like “Filmmaker Mastermind” and “Female Empowerment in Media” that are geared toward helping up-and-coming filmmakers connect with peers and mentors. She has been selected as one of inaugural fifty women in Hollywood for “50 Women Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment.” She is also the owner and founder of “Heart on Fire Productions, Inc.” a full-service production company.

Jenn was a great guest and one of the best things I loved about this interview was the fact that if you ask people about what they love to do most in life ( passion ) and  you will find they are doing just that in their career. This seemed abundantly clear in talking with Jenn and I know she is a force to be reckoned with… keep watching her! 

Jenn also told me off air that she has a project that she is working on that is in post production, BUT she gave me a couple of links to take a peek into this project called  “Playing with Beethoven”–music-education









Jenn’s social media!:


Your friend,

Will Roberts 

Actor | Voice Actor | Cowboy | Weapons Trainer
Tel: 702-481-5829 – Los Angeles
E-mail –

Marcelo Galvão Director of the film “The Killer” on Netflix @GalvaoMarcelo

What a great pleasure it was to have director, writer, producer Marcelo Galvão on today. I met Marcelo a couple years back when I was approached to help with weapons on a new feature he was directing in Brazil.  The 46 days I spent on this film in Brazil will never leave me and is a hi light of my acting career. Please listen to this great show with Marcelo and I hope you enjoy it!


Marcelo Galvão

Rio de Janeiro
Occupation Director , filmmaker , screenwriter and producer
IMDb User Rating : IMDb User Rating :
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Marcelo Galvão is a film director , screenwriter , producer and Brazilian film director and the director of the film I shot last year in Brazil for Netflix: The Killer

Marcelo graduated in Advertising and Advertising from FAAP in São Paulo and began his career as an advertising copywriter still in college. He went through the creative department of several major agencies (such as JW Thompson, AlmapBBDO and BBDO / NY), gaining experience and winning many awards as a creative.

In 1999 , he moved to New York where he studied film at the New York Film Academy and became a director and screenwriter . Upon returning to Brazil , he worked as a director in several renowned producers such as Espiral, TV Zero, Movie Art, Republica, Ioiô and O2 (one of the largest producers in Latin America ).

In 2001 , Marcelo Galvão created Gatacine , producer based in São Paulo specialized in cinema, TV content and advertising . Since then, he has made six feature films (among other productions):


The Farewell (2014)
Colleagues (2011)
La Riña – Rinha, the Movie (2009)
Bellini and the Demon (2008)
Side B: How to Make a Longer Without Grana in Brazil (2007)
Fourth B (2005)
Inside the cinema , Marcelo Galvão collects more than 50 awards in important national and international festivals.

On set of the Killer in Brazil

In the advertising area, he directed commercials for major advertisers such as Unilever , Nike , Procter & Gamble , Fiat , Panasonic , Johnson & Johnson , among many other leading brands, winning numerous awards at film and advertising festivals for his creative approach.

In addition, he produced several viral content for the internet, several of them with more than 1 million views, including the famous #VEMSEANPENN campaign, in which he wrote, directed, produced and assembled a video about the dream of Ariel, a movie actor with Down syndrome who wanted to meet star Sean Penn . The video had more than 1 million views three days after its release on YouTube and was the sixth most shared video in the world at the time.

Awards of Marcelo Galvão (Best Film, Best Director, Best Writer and Best Editor)

Will Roberts teaching other actors safe gun handling on set.

The Farewell (feature film): Best Director (Gramado Festival), Best Director (The Three Frontiers International Film Festival – Argentina)
Colleagues (feature film): Gramado Film Festival (Best Brazilian Feature Film); São Paulo International Film Festival (Audience Award, Best Brazilian Film, Youth Trophy, Best Brazilian Film); International Disability Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers (Best Film – Russia); Latin American Film Festival di Triste (Best Film – Audience Award – Italy); FESTin – Itinerant Cinema Festival of the Portuguese Language (Best Film – Public Prize; Honorable Mention of the Jury – Portugal); Brazilian Film Festival of New York (Best Film – Public Award – USA); Diva Film Festival (Best Direction); Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (Best Director – USA); Brazilian Film & TV Festival of Toronto (Best Director – Canada); Festival de Anápolis (Best Direction, Best Screenplay and Best Editing); Young Brazilian Prize (Young Brazilian Prize in Entertainment / Cinema category – Brazil); Paulínia Film Festival (Best Screenplay – Brazil)
Ouija (short film): Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Honorable Mention at the Sesi de Cinema Show (Brazil)
Rinha (feature film): Bronze Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival (Mexico)
Fourth B : Best Film at the São Paulo International Film Festival – popular jury (Brazil) and Best Film at the Hollyweed International Film Festival (Chile).