Award Winning director @aJennPageFilm whips actors demo reel in shape for PILOT SEASON! .. read on!

Friend and award winning #director Jenn Page is helping actors out this holiday season by making this great offer to get your actors demo reel in shape for PILOT SEASON! This is a no brainer … read on!

Actors: Jenn will cut your actor reel for 100$ flat (no music montages) and/or you can sign up for the January actor reel marathon WITH TURN AROUNDS for $350 and get your scenes written for you now (after January price is going up to $500 and scene writing extra). Deposits to hold the rate okay this time only.

Filmmakers: we’ll do our normal 250$/day Co-production fee for $100/day (your insurance covered but no stunts or driving, no workers comp, 5 certs max).

If anyone has other needs and wants help email jenn for additional help. Her production company can maybe help you get that project done finally on your small budget. Hit her up!

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