Is lead singer of Love Ghost @LoveGhost_ “Finn Bell” the new Tom Petty? Click to see & hear!

This is a band to watch and keep an ear on!! I received an alert that Love Ghost had a new music video and ran to see what they had turned out and WOW!

I know they say a person needs to be gone from this earth for a certain time before they can be reincarnated, HOWEVER, watch this newest music video from Love Ghost and tell me that lead singer Finn Bell doesn’t remind you of a young Tom Petty. Right down to his singing style, attuitute, and the directing that Dan Bell put together. The only thing this video was missing was skaters … Brovo !  keep your ears and eyes out for this band, and make sure not to miss the Ireland Tour exclusive premiere Friday August 16th on YOUTUBE!

Love Ghost: Ireland Tour exclusive premiere Friday August 16th on YOUTUBE! – also list 



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Winner- Best Documentary Short:
New York Film Awards
Five Continents International Film Festival
Festigious International Film Festival
Cult Critic Movie Awards
Vegas Movie Awards

“That contrast begins on the arrangement level, where Mya Greene’s viola weaves depth and nuance into Finn Bell’s crushing grunge guitar and Ryan Stevens’ bass.
Between Samson Young’s deliberate drums and a seemingly aimless melody, “Nowhere” captures an essential paradox of the teenage experience: the feeling of having no specific destination, and the imperative to get there yesterday. The video, directed by Dan Bell, harnesses the same duality.
Pairing dramatic rooftop performance footage with Lena Bishop’s colorful animated sequences, it’s the visual equivalent of the track’s Pixies-style dynamics.
Love Ghost are the picture of a promising teenage band. Here’s hoping the path to ‘Nowhere’ brings them back around for more.”- The All Scene Eye
WINNER- NYC Indie Film Awards- Best Music Video
WINNER- Oniros Film Awards (Italy)- Best Drone Video
FINALIST- Oniros Film Awards- Best Music Video
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Film Director Eric Bross @tenbenny talks with Actor Will Roberts of ActingUpRadio

Film Director Eric Bross @tenbenny talks with Actor Will Roberts of ActingUpRadio

This week on THE NEW, in Split screen video. TV, and Film director Eric Bross ( ), With a list of great and major feature credits is our guest.  Eric Bross talks to Actor/Host Will Roberts ( ) about his latest film; Affairs of State (2018). Plus Eric and Will talk about some of the new qualities that actors and industry people need to have to survive in this faster than ever pace of Hollywood and beyond.

Don’t miss this great show, ActingUpRadio Brought to you by

Eric Bross Film Director

Eric Bross Film Director

Eric Bross’ feature directorial debut was the critically acclaimed Sundance entry Ten Benny which he co-wrote with Tom Cudworth, and which starred Academy Award winner Adrien Brody.

Bross’ other films include Stranger Than Fiction starring Todd Field and Natasha Wagner, and Restaurant. also starring Adrien Brody. Restaurant was released in 2000 to critical acclaim, and Adrien Brody was nominated for a Spirit Award for Best Actor.

Bross also directed the romantic comedy On The Line for Miramax Films. He then went on to direct USA Network’s Emmy Award winning miniseries Traffic.

Eric completed Vacancy 2 for Sony’s Stage Six Films with The Hal Leiberman Company in 2008 and followed that up with the Nickelodeon original family movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, starring Victoria Justice and Brooke Shields for which he won a prestigiousDGA Award.

Eric just completed the political thriller Affairs Of State starring Adrian Grenier,Thora Birch, and Mimi Rogers and is currently in development on the sci-fi, action movie Goliath and the thriller, America’s Favorite written by Bross and Cudworth. Visit


The Show: 


A young campaign aide gets in way over his head when he sleeps with the wife and daughter of a presidential candidate only to end up bleeding out on the side of an empty road at night.


Eric Bross


Tom Cudworth 


Welcome to AllCasting – the one-stop destination for actors, models and performers to find opportunities, and for casting professionals to find the right talent for their projects.

AllCasting is an online project that connects talent and casting professionals in minutes using unique technologies and features.

Our mission is to provide an innovative, easy to use platform that helps performers build their careers in one of the most exciting industries out there. AllCasting lets you easily find auditions for the most coveted projects, while also curating educational and news content, guiding both performers and professionals through the entertainment industry.

It’s simple: we help performers get cast in the best projects for Movies, TV, and Fashion, and casting professionals to discover incredible talent. Join Get audition leads in your box.

Special Skills will help your Child Actor get BOOKED | by

Does your child need special skills to become a successful actor? Find out more about special skills for actors in this video.
Actor Will Roberts of 38 year and top variety performer, with such credits as Cirque du Soleil, traveling the world with a one man show and 2 Guinness World records says “YES, having special skills can help your kids acting or modeling career.” watch this video and and learn the secrets to getting more work and better opportunities.





Create your child’s profile & apply to all the casting calls on KidsCasting:

How can I get my kids or teens into acting or modeling? 

How can I get my kids into acting or modeling?  As a professional actor of 38 years, I get a lot of questions like: 

  • How can I get my kids into acting or modeling? 
  • How do I know if it is real? 
  • Is it normal to pay an agent? 

Too many questions and too much time spent by moms and dads browsing through google, it only leads to wrong information, lost time, and lost money. The industry of film, TV, and commercials is booming, and I get more questions than I can handle. So, I decided to search for companies that could help me answer questions and help Moms and Dads get what they need, to find a legit place to help their kids start on the road to show business. 

My research and what I came up with did NOT take me a day on google or facebook to find. The information below answered a lot of questions, and as a reporter of 30 years, I got to the bottom of the rating to the top. 

I bring you: 

Is your child cute and talented? Get help on the road to Showbiz, Sign up on and get 70% off your subscription.


What is KidsCasting? 

KidsCasting is a unique, 24/7 platform that focuses on providing the latest casting calls for babies as young as one week old and minors as old as 17. This is a perfect place for parents who want to introduce their kids to modeling and acting as a hobby, or even as a future career.

KidsCasting gives you all the tools needed to help your kid succeed in the entertainment industry, without any third-party involvement like a talent agent or a modeling agency. It is here to help you set your child up for success in and out of the audition room!

How it works: 

KidsCasting is similar to a job-hunting website: Casting Professionals post casting calls on the site, and you can apply and see if your child gets invited to an audition. Same as if you would apply for a job and see if you’re invited for an interview. Keep in mind, that it’s recommended to submit to at least five casting calls per day to get the best result.

Kidscasting team of experts is dedicated to making your experience as informative and fulfilling as possible. Whether you and your child already have some background in the entertainment industry, or you are entirely new to it, we’re here to help you every step of the way. KidsCasting’s database is updated daily with the newest casting calls all over the U.S.


Is your child cute and talented? Get help on the road to Showbiz, Sign up on and get 70% off your subscription.

What They Do

KidsCasting allows you to create a portfolio for your child, which is similar to a CV. A portfolio should include your kid’s interests and skills, as well as a brief description of their looks (hair color, eye color etc.). The portfolio also should include a couple of photos of your child. Once it’s done, your child’s portfolio is added to the database for the casting professionals to see. 

See also: Advice on Taking and Choosing Headshots.

Kidscasting only wants the best for your child, that’s why their team of experts manually reviews every posted casting call to make sure of their legitimacy and appropriateness. They also ensure that you receive all the latest casting calls available in your area in your email so that you don’t miss a thing!

KidsCasting is not just a casting call database. It’s an ever-growing community of parents who can exchange tips and experience, as well as message industry professionals directly if any questions arise.

What KidsCasting can give You

See also: My Child Wants To Perform – Now What?

KidsCasting is the only casting call platform that is strictly for kids. You and your child can receive amazing benefits, such as:

Is your child cute and talented? Get help on the road to Showbiz, Sign up on and get 70% off your subscription.


Development benefits

Creative activities play a crucial role in a child’s development. Introducing your child to acting and modeling can not only become their favorite new hobby, but it can give them valuable and useful skills that they will have for the rest of their life. For example, elevate their confidence levels, be an excellent tool for self-expression and introduce them to many new friendships.

Financial benefits

Modeling and acting jobs for kids can also be rewarding financially. KidsCasting offers many paid opportunities for kids of all ages: from baby modeling to acting and performing. Whether you’d like some extra funds for your kid’s toys or are looking for something that can help your kids once they’re in college, Modeling and Acting is beneficial in every way. Especially with college tuitions rising each year. So why not have your child practice something they like, and earn extra money at the same time?

Bonding experience

Whether you have a small baby or a teenager, there’s nothing more important than spending time with them. Because all minors should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian during auditions, filming and photo shoots. Modeling and acting can become a way to spend some quality time together. Just imagine how fun it would be to go on the set of a movie or TV show together, or look at the backstage process of a photoshoot! You and your child will bond over having this fantastic new experience, as well as gain access to the world you would never get a chance to see otherwise!

Is your child cute and talented? Get help on the road to Showbiz, Sign up on and get 70% off your subscription.

Magician Tony Clark and Mike Powers on The Magician’s Forum show @MagiciansForum

The Magician’s Forum LIVE TV show and Podcast #1 w/ Magician Mike Powers & Tony Clark.

The Magician’s Forum LIVE is the brain child of Rudy Tinoco ( and Will Roberts (professional actor/magician) who have combined forces to bring the magic community a weekly show that will feature some of the best magicians from around the world.

Our guests will talk about their latest projects, share their philosophy on magic, offer us performance tips, and yes…they’ll often teach us a trick or two! 

One of the most unique aspects of the Magician’s Forum LIVE is that our viewers are able to carry on the discussions that take place on the show by heading over to “The Show” section of, where they can comment and share their observations.

This was our first show and, as you’d expect, there were a couple of bloopers. To put your name in the running for Tony Clark’s book, head over to “The Show” section of and tell us your guess of which mistake almost resulted in a re-edit of the whole dang thing!




This weeks guest: 

Mike Powers:

Mike has been in the magic scene for over 40 years. With Ed Marlo’s guidance, Mike published his first book, Powerful Magic, in 1983. This was followed by Top Secret Stuff in 1990 and Power Plays in 2006. Power Plays was voted “Book of the Year” on the Magic Café and runner up “Book of the Year” in the Magic Industry Awards. Mike’s newest book, TESSERACT (2019), has just been released. Mike’s magic has also appeared in every major magic publication and in the books of Paul Harris and others. He now writes a monthly column for the Linking Ring magazine. Mike has also released bestselling items such as Diminishing Returns, Holey Terror and The PM Principle.


Mike has performed for many years as a close-up magician with much experience in restaurant work. In 1994 Mike was invited to perform at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. His Television performances include the “Meerka Show” in Buenos Aires and warm up act for British Rock group Savoy Brown. He has lectured and worked at magic conventions and clubs all over the U.S. and around the world.

Besides performing magic, Mike is also a musician. Having started as a folk musician in the 1960’s, Mike now plays electric blues and rock with PT and the Cruisers and Blackjack 66.


The Magic Doula: Tony Clark – Master Magician. 

WHO IS Tony Clark?

Tony Clark was born and raised in Stamford, Ct. His career in the world of entertainment began at the early age of six. By the age of eighteen, Clark already received national notoriety for his many awards and accomplishments as a young magician. Tony had the honor of studying magic with the Legendary Tony Slydini for more than two years. After winning the World Class Stage Contest for the Society of American Magicians in 1988 Tony began traveling the world performing. In 1994, he was nominated by the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood for Stage Magician of the Year. In 1995 Tony was given the Milbourne Christopher Award for Best Young Magician. In 1996 his critically acclaimed revue show Phantasy which he produced and starred in, made Lake Tahoe entertainment history for being the first show to ever run four years straight! In 1998 the Lake Tahoe Boys & Girls club surprised Tony by presenting him with the Volunteer of the Year Award for his work with underprivileged kids in the community. Then in 2000 Clark won the World Magic Award for “Best Classical Magic Act” which aired on CBS TV. You may have also seen Tony on NBC’s World Most Dangerous Magic, several TV episodes of “Masters of Illusion” and a guest appearance on ABC’s “Bachelorette” and TV Land’s “The Soul Man” with Cedric the Entertainer just to name a few.

Tony has combined his thirty year gathering storm of experience and time tested elements to create his own Production Company that develops and produces shows for Stage, Television and Video.

Tony is Hollywood’s Premier Magic Consultant. He’s worked on hit shows like USA TV’s “Monk”, FOX TV’s “House MD”, ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” and Disney Channel’s “Suite Life On Deck” just to name a few.  Tony has worked with Academy and Emmy Award winning Actors like John Malkovich, Nicholas Cage and Tony Shalhoub from Monk as well as Academy Award winning producers like Tom Nunan. Tony created the burning rose and hand effect for mega music star Taylor Swift for the AMA awards on ABC TV just to name a few.

Most recently Tony was the magic consultant on the FUSE Network TV series Hip Hop Houdini. 

Tony incorporates his vast knowledge of magic to create illusions; shows and events customized to his clients needs.


Rudy Tinoco / Magician / Pastor

Will Roberts / Magician/Actor/Trick roper/Gun spinner 


Acting? no just being you, the authentic you! @Kids_Casting @WillRobertsActs

Acting Up Radio – Brought to you by from on Vimeo.

This week we talk about not only Acting? no just being you, the authentic you! BUT it is the launch of the NEW radio show/Podcast/Vlogcast show. We have taken the syndicated radio show of 4 years and now created a multi media show. Actor and host Will Roberts and radio man on 35 years has always been a cutting edge creator of content and now gives his acting listeners something to see, hear and feel.

And this week the show I had The CoacMc out of Germany on the show and here is what he had to say!

I was invited by my partner in crime Will Roberts and kids to talk about the importance of authenticity for kids and teen actors. we also touched upon how parents and their kids can have fun together in today’s world of digital revolutions on creating content, rehearsing and promoting their beloved one’s craft it’s truly important nowadays to know what your kids love to play and what they are good at. getting a grip on the core and let them have fun and develop with the lines with songs and fooling around with rhythm and different styles and playing transitions. The CoacMc DO. LOVE. ACT. Follow me on Social Media FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM VISIT THE WEBSITE – HOSTED BY WILL ROBERTS… FOR KIDSCASTING.COM…… #actingtips #actingforkids #actingforbeginners

Photographing Your Baby 4 Tips from an expert @Kids_Casting

4 Tips for Photographing Your Baby

There’s no shortage of milestones to photograph in your baby’s first year. The first smile, first tooth, first step, first messy bite of a chocolate cake. We’ve had lots of KidsCasting parents ask us how to take quality baby photos in their home, and we’re happy to share some great tips with you.


1) Lighting

First and foremost:


If you’re shooting indoors, find a place in your home with beautiful natural light. To make the light softer, you can put up a light bedsheet in front of the window. Don’t position your baby in the direct sunlight, instead, step back or to the side about 3–5 feet to where you are in the shadows.

If you’re shooting outdoors, try to shoot in the warm, syrupy light of early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky  — professionals call these “the golden hours” with good reason!


2) Equipment

It might seem that nothing beats professional shots, but you can get great results on your smartphone, too. We loved this tutorial from YouTuber Leah Ashley where she explains how to get the perfect photo with your iPhone:


If, however, you’re looking to invest in some gear, DSLR cameras are just perfect for photographing babies, as they can shoot in raw, allow for lens changing and have a high ISO range. Choose fast shutter speeds and/or high ISOs. There’s nothing worse than capturing a great moment that is slightly blurry because the shutter was too slow.


Mirrorless systems are also great because they shoot silently, keeping your baby undisturbed.


3) Setting the scene

Make sure your baby is fed, changed and in a good mood. The room needs to be very warm, babies will feel best in warm room temperature above 75 degrees.


Clear out the clutter and look out for visual distractions. It will be very disappointing if you capture the perfect smile, only to notice later some mess in the background.


Your baby hasn’t yet fully adapted to the outside world at this point, and they can easily get distracted by the sounds around them. White noise machine does wonders to drown out the noise.

As for the props and decorations, you probably already have all the props needed for the perfect photo. You can use your baby’s favorite blanket, book or toy. Avoid over-the-top outfits — if you’re shooting for a portfolio, the attention should be on your baby’s face.

If you’re shooting outdoors, seasonal decorations like pumpkins, flowers, and autumn leaves will provide a great frame of reference for your baby pictures. We just loved the work of photographer Kath who recently got featured in People magazine with her amazing and colorful sitter sessions:


4) Emotions

Being able to capture your baby’s interest is key to getting great pictures. Strive for eye contact. If you’re shooting with a DSRL, discourage well-meaning assistants from trying to get the baby to look at them. Usually, this results in a vacant stare above or past the camera. Instead, make your baby’s favorite sounds, ask them questions about the other objects in the frame, or sing their favorite song.


Finally, over-shoot. Digital photography is free and unlimited. It often takes 10 photos or more to get one great one, and you’ll be happy to have choices when it comes time to edit the photos.


Once you have selected the best photos, head to your baby’s profile, upload them and submit applications to our amazing casting calls for the youngest talents!



Follow us at:


Talent in the Spotlight for @Kids_Casting: Lani Brooke Lum Actor, Singer, Dancer.

Talent in the Spotlight for @Kids_Casting: Lani Brooke Lum Actor, Singer, Dancer.

This week’s guest on our Talent in the Spotlight series* is Lani Brooke Lum, a model, actress,
singer, dancer, contortionist and one of our Featured Talents**. We are happy to share this interview with Lani’s mom Crystal who has some amazing insights into raising a gifted child and balancing work and play.

Lani photos

Lani is just 10 years old but already has quite an industry experience. When did she first show interest in acting and modeling?

Lani first showed interest in modeling at a young age, I would say she was about 3 years old. She has also had such a big presence in front of the camera, and over the years her personality grew. She was probably 5 when she started to really want to act.

Many parents see artistic potential in their kids but are not sure where to start developing the child’s talent. What were your first steps in starting her career?

The first thing I did was ask her if it was something she was interested in. Next, I researched a lot, and I do mean a lot for local agencies as well as online casting sites which is when I found KidsCasting. We started small with boutique modeling, she had also done pageants since 9 months old.

This week Lani was #1 KidsCasting Featured girl, congrats! How long have you been using KidsCasting, and how did you find out about us?

Thank you, we’re excited! I think we’ve been using KidsCasting for about 4 years now. I first found out about KidsCasting through looking on Google.



How To Become A Movie Extra from @AllCastingCom

For the past few months, this topic has been on everyone’s mind. We literally get bombarded with messages asking this. So we partnered up with actor Laurence Evans to give you some insider information.

Once you set your mind to it, it’s super easy. First, sign up for, create a profile, fill it with good quality photos, your info, experience if you have any and either wait for casting people to message you or start applying to casting calls.

Don’t be afraid when you first set your foot on the set; first of all – background actors do no talking, so there’s almost no way you can mess anything up. If you do exactly what the production people tell you to do, you’re all good. If the scene asks for a bunch of skateboarders, show up with your board. If there’s a need for people with dogs – don’t just go to a hair salon and show up all glamorous but dogless. Do what they tell you. You can start diva-ing out when you’re on your tenth speaking role 🙂

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Acting Lessons with Will Roberts onset in hollywood and Set Etiquette @AllCastingCom

Nothing speaks more to your professionalism than the way you conduct yourself on set. The running of a professional motion picture set is a high-pressure, high-stakes endeavor. Knowing how to conduct yourself in the job that is assigned to you is of the utmost importance in being recognized as a working professional. Our friend, veteran actor, and acting coach Will Roberts is back with a lesson on how to behave on set thus making you an enjoyable person to work with.

Go to and sign up for FREE Profile page and start reaching for the straits…

Follow these rules and with a little experience, you can have fun doing your job, blend with your environment, and you will soon be appreciated as the consummate professional.