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Arthur Trace is a Los Angeles magician who performs worldwide. His shows offer an original and strong magic experience that astonish and entertain the mind, senses, and funny bone. During a performance unusual props, imaginative scenarios, and masterful sleight of hand are artfully combined to evoke wonder.

Arthur Trace – The Artful Deceiver – Magician

Highly acclaimed by his peers as “one of the most unique acts in the world of magic today,” said R.G. Smith, Executive Show Director of The Society of American Magicians, Arthur Trace is the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal. In 2006 he became a FISM award winner at the World Championships of Magic in Stockholm. And in 2007, Arthur was awarded the “Best Cabaret Magic” award at The World Magic Awards. In 2015 and 2016, The Academy of Magical Arts nominated Arthur as the Stage Magician of The Year.

Being recognized amongst his peers has brought many opportunities, some of which include: appearing on national television broadcasts in seven countries, touring China with the WuQiao Circus, performing for Prince Albert II of Monaco at The Princess Grace Theatre, and producing his show aboard The Queen Mary. Last year Arthur had the honor of headlining The Magical Mystery Show at the legendary Wintergarten Variete in Berlin, Germany and at The House of Magic in Macau.

Combining original magic, audience participation, and imaginatively humorous scenarios, Arthur’s show is innovative, artful, and fun. Great for young and old audiences alike, each year he brings his artful deception to corporate and theater audiences worldwide. Watch Arthur perform and find out why Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune called him “one of magic’s bona fide superstars!”

When not touring, Arthur lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog.

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Arthur Trace Productions Inc.
Arthur Trace – 818.489.6555 Will Roberts interviews @LeandroHussum of Não se aceitam devoluções

Leandro Hassum Brazilian Actor

Todays show is a special show. Todays show i am interviewing a Brazilian actor that I worked with on a film last year in Brazil.

Star of blockbuster film : Não se aceitam devoluções
Leandro Hassum, is a Brazilian actor, comedian, writer, producer, comedian and voice actor.

He is well known for having played the fun and unlucky fat Jorginho in the TV Show humorous Zorra Total and Os Caras de Pau.

In 2012 he starred in the franchise Até que a Sorte nos Separe us that reached 320,000 box office in its first weekend of exhibition and became the best opening of a national film of that year gaining two more sequels.

Take a listen to this fun and educational show.

Leandro’s social media:

Will Roberts as the Judge with Leandro Hassum

Hoje ActingUpRadio é um show especial. Hoje vou mostrar eu entrevistando um ator brasileiro com quem trabalhei em um filme no ano passado no Brasil.

Estrela do filme: Não Se Aceitam Devoluções
Leandro Hassum, é ator, comediante, escritor, produtor, comediante e dublador brasileiro.

Ele é bem conhecido por ter atuado como o divertido e azarado Jorginho no programa de TV Zorra Total e Os Caras de Pau.

Em 2012, ele estrelou o gigante sucesso, Até Que A Sorte Nos Separe ! Chegou a 320.000 bilheteria em seu primeiro fim de semana de exibição, e se tornou a melhor abertura de um filme nacional daquele ano ganhando mais duas seqüências.

Ouçam esse divertido e educativo show!


Filmmaker & Director Jenn Page @TheJennPage

Today’s show we have

Jenn Page has directed and produced multiple feature films, branded series, music videos, live stage shows, and a TV talk show. Determined and passionate, Jenn has a reputation for taking on tough projects and exceling against the odds. Although she’s directed in almost every genre, she’s most drawn to romantic dramedy and musical projects. Some of her work includes the multi-award-winning comedy musical feature film “Waiting in the Wings” starring Lee Meriwether and Shirley Jones, the award-winning musical comedy web series “My Two Black Girlfriends,” the multi-award-winning “The Breakout: A Rock Opera,” and the International Academy of Web Television’s live awards show hosted by Tony award-winner Roger Bart. Most recently, she completed “Playing with Beethoven,” a classical piano-based feature film that is currently in post-production.

Jenn is a member of the professional group “Alliance of Women Directors,” where she is the chair of the in-house shadowing committee. She has co-founded women and filmmaker organizations like “Filmmaker Mastermind” and “Female Empowerment in Media” that are geared toward helping up-and-coming filmmakers connect with peers and mentors. She has been selected as one of inaugural fifty women in Hollywood for “50 Women Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment.” She is also the owner and founder of “Heart on Fire Productions, Inc.” a full-service production company.

Jenn was a great guest and one of the best things I loved about this interview was the fact that if you ask people about what they love to do most in life ( passion ) and  you will find they are doing just that in their career. This seemed abundantly clear in talking with Jenn and I know she is a force to be reckoned with… keep watching her! 

Jenn also told me off air that she has a project that she is working on that is in post production, BUT she gave me a couple of links to take a peek into this project called  “Playing with Beethoven”–music-education









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Standup comedian, writer, actor Daniel Eachus @DanEachus on

Actor Will Roberts – Host of 

This episode of I talked with standup comedian, writer, actor and man that wears many hats, but does NOT know his size… Daniel Eachus! I originally saw Daniel at a stand up club at a huge casino in the town of Temecula, California < an Oxymoron…  I knew right off the bat by watching him he was a lot bigger than the space he was playing in. He, and I am sure he hears this a lot, was by far the best comedian of the whole night, of course he was the ONLY comedian (rim shot) .. no he was not alone that night performing, but he was the headliner, and rightfully so. He smooth delivery and casualness ( not to be confused with the new style comedy called – I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, COMEDY) was NATURAL, at ease and funny, and I rarely give that compliment to anyone …other than myself ;).  sit back and listen to a fun show!

Daniel Eachus bio:

Daniel Eachus is a rising young star in the comedy world. Even at such a young age, Eachus has the chops of a comedy veteran and people are taking notice. Born and raised in Fresno, CA, he was surrounded by farms, but didn’t want to smell raisins for the rest of his life, so he turned to comedy to get him out. For college, Daniel’s wish came true and he left Fresno to study in Long Beach. By day, he was a student, by night he performed on the stand-up comedy circuit. After just one year of nightly performances, he became the youngest finalist ever in the “Funniest Comic in Los Angeles” contest held at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. He’s been entertaining audiences ever since.




Eachus has been performing stand-up and improv throughout the nation’s clubs and recently was featured on Comedy Central’s “Up Next” and Sirius XM’s Comedy Central Radio. A finalist or winner in scores of comedy competitions including the World Series of Comedy, Up Next Regionals, Sacramento Comedy Festival (1st place winner), OC Improv Cup and more, he’s considering expanding his trophy shelf.

But doing stand-up and improv is not enough for Daniel. When he’s not onstage making people laugh, he’s making people laugh at their screens. Daniel acts, writes, and produces the comedy sketch series, “Bigfoot Chasers”. He is a co-writer on a brand new Kevin Hart-Produced Series. He’s starred in 10 National Television Commercials, was featured on SpikeTV, and recently made his stand-up television debut on Fox’s “Laughs”.



Self-tape how to – and the r300 Ring light it is da bomb! @Koll_ltd

Self-tape how to – and the r300 Ring light it is da bomb! Hey folks this is Will Roberts hear from and today I want to talk to you about lighting your self tape. If you’re an actor and trying to figure out how to make your self tape auditions that you’re sending look professional, then lighting is essential. I spent too many years going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and creating my own lighting by multiple lighting fixtures, trying to bounce light, trying outdoor light and nothing has really worked out for me. But recently I got the F & V Lighting R-300 SE LED Ring Light. 300 means it has 300 LEDs and I got it from my friends at Koll Limited and the product is made by F&V. This is absolutely the best buy I’ve ever made because it doesn’t matter if you have any other lights when you’re shooting with this ring light. It provides plenty of light to make your self tape auditions look great! Now normally the lens of a DSLR would go through the round hole but in my case because I am focusing on self taping with smart phones I have figured out how to adapted to a smartphone and it is amazing. It has 2 filters that go on easily because of rare earth magnets. It’s well constructed and allows you to either plug-in or have a battery for fieldwork. I highly recommend this and really think it makes my stuff look well above most people producing self tapes. Any other questions get a hold of us on below is more information about this item I highly recommended. happy self taping! Will


PROMOKIT014 $247.00
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The F & V Lighting R-300 SE LED Ring Light with L-Bracket produces 2250 Lux at 1-meter with 300 daylight-balanced LEDs. The 50 degree beam-angle allows for an even, wide spread of light while the onboard dimmer offers seamless power variation from 0 -100%. The slim profile and weight make it perfect for shots in the studio or on location for galmour, concert, and macro photography/videography. The R-300 has two power options: a Sony NP-F Battery Plate and DC 2.5 jack. Batteries and AC adapter sold separately. The R-300 SE comes packaged with two magnetic filters: a Tungsten Filter and a Frost Diffusion Filter. The Tungsten Filter will calibrate your light to 3200K allowing you to shoot indoors under incandescent light. The Frost Diffusion Filter takes the edge off of the light’s beam and also can serve as a gel holder. Also available, is the Milk White Diffusion filter which creates a very soft, glamorous, and easy-to-look-at light source. This kit comes with the improved L-Bracket that allows the user to mount a wider variety of cameras including DSLRs with battery grips. The R-300 SE has several mounting options. Beyond being able to mount to the L-bracket or 15mm Rod Mount accessory. The R-300 SE can also be mounted on top of your camera; it has a 1/4″-20 thread-in on its underside for use with a ball head.

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Here is a list of the equipment that I use:


Actors Kit #2

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Ryan Sage Hollywood Director! Americas Got Talent @SagetWit

This week on Acting Up Radio… Ryan Sage Hollywood Director! Americas Got Talent!

Ryan Sage

is an award-winning writer, producer, director, who splits his time between network promos and micro-budget filmmaking.

Here is the Americas Got Talent promo I did with Ryan below!

For Super Bowl LII, Ryan was apart of two high profile projects, directing The Voice “Super Commercial,” which premiered during halftime in front of 106 million viewers and was called out by Yahoo Sports, The Chicago Tribune and Rolling Stone as one of year’s best Super Bowl spots. He also spent three weeks working closely with film legend Spike Lee as his personal editor for a Network Brand spot that paid tribute to Prince and aired during the pre-game.

Ryan’s latest feature, ‘Temps,’ which dives into modern day love and commitment through the eyes of temp workers, became one of the 2016’s biggest indie film success stories. Despite its ultra-low budget, the Temps trailer struck a nerve with audiences and went viral, racking up more than 60 million views becoming the most watched romantic comedy trailer on YouTube. Those views turned into sales, and Temps became a chart topping romantic comedy – hitting #1 on iTunes bestseller list in April of 2016 and peaking again in July as a top 5 Indie.

Check out Ryan Sage @

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Check out this live-action proof of concept for DC Comic’s Teen Titans !

Check out this live-action proof of concept for DC Comic’s Teen Titans. It is based off of the cartoon animated show that was run on Cartoon Network from 2003-2006.

Hey if you love this and would love to see this made in blockbuster form, contact directed by Brayden DeMorest-Purdy ( )   on instagram ! to hopefully get a response from fans as well as Warner Brothers and DC entertainment to whom own the IP of Teen Titans to further Brayden’s vision and hopefully go on to produce a trilogy of three feature film instalments of the super hero group!!

Check out this very cool YouTube short!

Stop, Drop & Roll on with guest RENE DIAMANTE Pryro expert in Hollywood

Stop, Drop & Roll on with guest RENE DIAMANTE Pryro expert in Hollywood

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To see My work visit My Youtube Channels
SPFX4U & Today at the Office

Special Effects Pyrotechnic Class 1 & Federal License. S.A.G

I have been in the Film Industry all my life. Working in Effects and Pyrotechnic 24years. Film Making, Coordinating and Directing. My objective is to: CAPTURE THE BEST RESULTS. My work ethic is to: MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!!


Your host Will Roberts

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Casting director & coach Marci Liroff and the second half of the show… Director Brayden DeMorest-Purdy

Casting Director & coach Marci Liroff

This weeks ActingUpRadio – Casting Director & coach Marci Liroff and the second half of the show… Director Brayden DeMorest-Purdy


Marci Liroff’s extensive credits as a casting director span more than 50 films.

While working at the renowned casting office of Fenton-Feinberg Casting she, along with Mike Fenton, cast such films as Bob Clark’s A Christmas Story and Porky’s; the Academy Award-nominated Poltergeist; Steven Spielberg’s E.T.– The Extra Terrestrial and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

After establishing her own casting company in 1983, MARCI LIROFF CASTING, Liroff cast several successful films including Footloose, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, The Iron Giant, The Spitfire Grill, Untamed Heart, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Vampire Academy and The Sublime and Beautiful, which she produced as well.

Whether it’s an indie or big blockbuster movie, Liroff makes a good film great and a great film a classic.

Liroff is a proud member of The Television Academy, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Casting Society of America, CSA, where she serves on the Board of Governors.

Director Brayden DeMorest-Purdy

Director Brayden DeMorest-Purdy

Brayden DeMorest-Purdy is a movie director and producer. He is originally from Toronto, Ontario and developed the passion for filmmaking at a very young age. Brayden started to write and direct independent films with his friends and turned this passion into his very own production company, The Nerdy Kid Productions.

At 15, Brayden was the youngest student ever to receive a full day Co-operative Internship at a local TV studio. He started his journey as an audio technician and over the next two years at the TV station began directing live TV shows, including a popular live breakfast television show called DayTime. At 17, Brayden was asked to develop, create and direct multiple platforms, such as TV shows, music videos, commercials, and movies.

At 18, Brayden’s next directorial move was to apply to Vancouver Film School, where he was one of the youngest students ever accepted. He moved to Vancouver to follow his passion and his dream. While at the prestigious VFS, he wrote, developed and created a TV show and directed several projects at the school, Brayden rounded out his overall experience in film making, directing, writing, producing, production design, production, casting, etc. Brayden graduated Vancouver Film School’s Film Production Program, with honors, while majoring in Directing and Cinematography.

ActingUpRadio: @CeliaSiegel voice talent manager & marketing & @CarolineLiem, CSA Casting Director.

This episode of we will talk about the Voice over world and branding and how to get work as a professional.
with Celia Siegel Voice talent manager & marketing, Then, we will talk to Caroline Liem, CSA casting director about building your own content and brand as an actor.






Celia Siegel Management: is known for creating strong personal brands for voice talent and marketing those brands to the max-in a way that’s authentic to each voice actor.

Celia Siegel Management: is known for creating strong personal brands for voice talent and marketing those brands to the max-in a way that’s authentic to each voice actor.

No matter where you are in your voiceover career, my team and I can help you make sound business choices and strategize for success. Before founding & building CSM, I was a top West Coast talent agent (CESD). The fact that I am also a certified business and life coach comes in handy in many ways for my clients’ emotional and financial well-being.

I help talent identify when taking classes and auditioning has become a full time job instead of the actual paying work, and how they can fix that by turning activity into a powerful career. My multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry helps voice actors across the globe grow their VO business and take their careers to the next level.

Then, we will talk to Caroline Liam, CSA casting director about building your own content and brand as an actor.

Social Media: CeliaSiegel 

CeliaSiegelManagment Instagram

and her NEW book! 

Caroline Liem, CSA 

Caroline Liem is a casting director, audition coach and international teacher based in Los Angeles.

Caroline Liem has spent the last 18 years casting independent films, studio features, television pilots and TV series for Disney Studios, Nick Jr., Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW, and Fox. Long before American Horror Story, there was Popular, the first show she worked on alongside Ryan Murphy. She has worked with many prominent producers and directors, including Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men 2), David Goyer (Blade Trinity) and Jon Turteltaub (The Kid), as well as with Disney Studios feature department overseeing such projects as Gone In Sixty Seconds, Pearl Harbor and Gangs of New York. She served as the Casting Director for the award winning late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and is an Expert Contributor Columnist to and one of Backstage’s must follow casting directors on Twitter. She coaches business professionals and actors globally and has taught her highly acclaimed audition technique/text analysis class, Boom The Room, throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Russia, as well as nationally at universities including The Juilliard School, NYU Tisch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UT Austin, DePaul University, University of Minnesota, and Columbia College. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and board member of the Casting Society of America | IG/TW/FB @accessCarolineLiem
Check one of the places Caroline teaches:   Here

Social Media:

Check one of the places Caroline teaches:   Here

Here is a list of articles that Caroline Liem has written for

What Exactly Do Casting Directors Want to See in Auditions? – 
Non-Acting Hobbies Are Just as Important as Your Acting Classes –
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