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Hey actors!, this weeks guest sent a me a great list of “To Do’s” for actors to know at auditions, so i am sharing these great tips with the Acting Up Radio listeners and reads, enjoy! 

David Rapaport –  CSA – TIPS/ADVICE for auditions:

Memorize your lines. The more familiar you are with the material, the more fun you can have, and the easier it will be to take direction and try new things.
Staple your headshot to your resumé before walking into the audition room. Assume I will always want to see it.
– Be nice to your fellow actors, to assistants and interns. The walls are thin, and we can hear everything.  I was an intern and assistant once.  My interns and assistants will be tomorrow’s Casting Directors.  We remember. 
Know when to leave. There is this awkward moment at the end of each audition where we say “Thank you,” and the actor sometimes just stays put. That is your cue to go. I know we all want to leave behind a good impression, but overstaying your welcome is not the way to achieve that.
– The best way to get on my radar is to get yourself out there. If you can’t find an agent or can’t book a show, write your own script, film it, and put it online.
Make your own opportunities.  Don’t wait for Hollywood to call.  Create your own material and starring vehicle.  Do it with friends, like you did when you were a kid.  If you have a smart phone you have no excuse. 
– When auditioning, if you are reading a scene with action in it, DON’T PLAY THE ACTION, we will get you a stunt double.  Promise.  
Intern. The lessons you learn are invaluable.  For both actors and future Casting Directors.  The money will come later.  
– Don’t worry about what I’m thinking at the audition.  Don’t try to please me.  I want you to make choices and show me YOU. 
Have fun!  An audition is an opportunity to act, to play!
LISTEN.  A good actor is a good listener.  
– “What people respond to is authenticity and you being uniquely who you are and not trying to be someone else.” – Laura Benanti – Star of Supergirl 




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David Rapaport is a Casting Director who got his start working for legendary Casting Director Mali Finn (Titanic, Terminator 2). Together they collaborated on more than 50 films and television series, including 8 Mile, 61*, All The Real Girls, Last Days, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and Running with Scissors. At Mali Finn’s, David learned from such distinguished directors as David Gordon Greene, James Cameron, Gus Van Sant, and Ryan Murphy.

Rapaport was honored with a nomination for the prestigious Artios Award by the Casting Society of America for his first pilot as Casting Director, “Gossip Girl” (CW). He also cast the pilots for the “Gossip Girl” spinoff “Valley Girls” (CW), “My Generation” (ABC), David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” (NBC), “Arrow” (CW), “The Tomorrow People” (CW), “The Flash” (CW), “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (CW) and “Supergirl” (CBS). READ MORE: 

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