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I created ActingUpRadio about 4 years ago with the

idea that actors, directors, producers, Casting Directors, and anyone else in this very fun, but very difficult industry could hear conversation about how to succeed with the ever changing landscape of Hollywood and beyond.

However, this show has an enormous work load to produce, host and promote and is done by a three person crew; ME, MYSELF and I! that is right I am the everything of this show. I started in radio in the late 80’s and cut my teeth in small radio stations, and talk show producing.

Vincent Patterson working with Michael Jackson on Smooth Criminal

So now I am asking the public and friends to consider donating just like I was NPR, Or PBS. Pretty sure listening to the radio show that it is a cut above most shows out there. I pride myself in talking with my guest like they are friends. I am more interested in what they have to say, and less about my ego on display.

Now, let me be clear a lot of the content that you hear on is not only good for performers, but good for the average business person. We might talk with a naturopathic doctor about stress that stops us from achiving our goals, PR, Gorilla Marketing… You see actors look for work 99% of the time and work 1%. So they “should” be the most clever and suave business people, BUT most of the time aren’t. That is the whole reason behind this show. This is me giving back to people who are wanting to succeed in business and life.

Angela Meryl – Stuntwoman


Giving back to people nowadays is easy, just go to Youtube and there are plenty of people wanting to give you their opinions, but most are far from qualified to do so.  I have been in business and show business for 37 years. Plus very rarely will you find a business professional, especially in the film and TV that will give you help without a price tag. This radio show lets you cut through the learning curve and get to work, and enjoy it.

Please consider going to this site and donating something to this radio show. 




Here is what industry professionals are saying about the show:

Not only was the experience fun and good PR, but it surprisingly unlocked insights and new ideas into my own endeavors. – Wes Stevens, CEO, VOX, Inc.


Listen to a sample of the show and see if you agree that all shows are NOT created equal!

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