How To Become A Movie Extra from @AllCastingCom

For the past few months, this topic has been on everyone’s mind. We literally get bombarded with messages asking this. So we partnered up with actor Laurence Evans to give you some insider information.

Once you set your mind to it, it’s super easy. First, sign up for, create a profile, fill it with good quality photos, your info, experience if you have any and either wait for casting people to message you or start applying to casting calls.

Don’t be afraid when you first set your foot on the set; first of all – background actors do no talking, so there’s almost no way you can mess anything up. If you do exactly what the production people tell you to do, you’re all good. If the scene asks for a bunch of skateboarders, show up with your board. If there’s a need for people with dogs – don’t just go to a hair salon and show up all glamorous but dogless. Do what they tell you. You can start diva-ing out when you’re on your tenth speaking role 🙂

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