How to self tape and edit video with a smartphone (pick a Tri-Pod) By #Actor Will Roberts & @koll-ltd .com

How to self tape and edit video with a smartphone (pick a Tri-Pod) By #Actor Will Roberts & @koll-ltd .com


Deciding on the right tripod is very important, mainly if you value the money you spent on your camera or smartphone. Buying a cheap tripod most of the time means you better be good at diving when a good wind comes up and blows your equipment to the ground.

Watch this episode and if you have questions about self taping or equipment to use just drop us a note.

Will Roberts

Recent studies have shown that video is the best way to get your message out to your targeted audience and potential customers. Thanks to the rise of social media and technology, it’s never been a better time to start using your smartphone to help promote you and your brand.

If you’re a business person, performer, marketing person or someone who just loves shooting movies with your camera phone, then this is the class for you.
This series will show you how to shoot, self tape, edit and produce video to make you look both PROFESSIONAL and AMAZING, all while selling your product. You will also learn how to use social media to your advantage in getting your video in front of your targeted audience.

Let expert smart phone content producer Will Roberts show you how to use your smartphone to produce great video content, commercials or movies. Will has 25 years as a feature reporter for FOX, CBS, and PBS and now brings this experiences and expertise to you.
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Will Roberts:

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Here is a list of the equipment that I use:

R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & NP-F550 Battery PROMOKIT014 $247.00

R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & AC Adapter 18040100K3 $239.00

Smart Phone Holder w/ Gooseneck & Savior Clamp Mini 9.VB5102K2 $126.00

Mini C-Pan Arm 9.CPA2 $649.95

8 x 8′ PXB Pro Kit with Chromakey Blue Muslin SA4107K1 $269.90

3-Section Aluminum Photo Tripod SA1464 $99.99

Medium Ball Head w/ Savior Clamp Kit 9.XS1005K1 $119.94

Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless 4-Channel Lavalier Microphone System SR0102 $99.95

Phone Grip Holder 9.VB5102 $36.00

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