Interview with Vivek Bohra @dazzlrapp – Co-founder of Casting @WillRobertsUSA

Interview with Vivek Bohra  – Co-founder of Casting

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Dazzlr is an “Entertainment Marketplace” that enables job seekers (actors, dancers, models, etc.) to connect with clients (directors, casting directors, production houses). Dazzlr helps opportunity providers (clients) find the right talent with the help of smart cast technology. Dazzlr enables its talent to build portfolios, upload images and videos on the app to showcase their credentials. The talent discovery process is highly simplified and made quicker, thanks to the Dazzlr App. Dazzlr will be an one stop shop for production houses, film makers, casting directors, advertising and modelling agencies to find and book talent. With Dazzlr, modeling and acting job opportunities are just a click away.

Personal directed audition
Get your very own audition at your place of convenience. We provide lighting, camera and a professional to shoot and direct your test. Use this service to send out your very own audition or to just have some fun play acting! (Select cities only).
a. Create a great Video Showreel

Audition practice & prep
Do you have a big audition coming up and no one to learn your lines with ? Use our professional services to get proper audition Prep and tips. Get help with your lines, styling and direction, we provide the help so you can go do your best and shine. (Select cities only)

Portfolio Packages – personalise your portfolio with the best in the business
Every actor needs a portfolio! Natural/Polaroids/Studio Shots, we have the right photographers for your kind of portfolio in your budget. The package will include getting the best Costume and Hair Stylists and Make up professionals in the business to make you look your best. (Select cities only)

Casting Director
Need to cast fast. Hire a professional to help you find the best actor for your job. A Casting Director handles the A-Z of casting, from sourcing the best actor to locking them monetarily for the client, the casting Director ensures that you have the perfect cast you need. We have a panel of Casting Directors who are the best in business, we can connect you to them as per your requirement.

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Log in as an Actor or Client. Upload your images/casting requirement and apply or place casting calls.
Sign Up for Premium Services: Build an optimized portfolio as you gain access to more features, upload tests and multiple images in your profile Gain more Visibility with clients.
Send auditions online. A new way to work across geographical boundaries. Never miss an opportunity

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