Is lead singer of Love Ghost @LoveGhost_ “Finn Bell” the new Tom Petty? Click to see & hear!

This is a band to watch and keep an ear on!! I received an alert that Love Ghost had a new music video and ran to see what they had turned out and WOW!

I know they say a person needs to be gone from this earth for a certain time before they can be reincarnated, HOWEVER, watch this newest music video from Love Ghost and tell me that lead singer Finn Bell doesn’t remind you of a young Tom Petty. Right down to his singing style, attuitute, and the directing that Dan Bell put together. The only thing this video was missing was skaters … Brovo !  keep your ears and eyes out for this band, and make sure not to miss the Ireland Tour exclusive premiere Friday August 16th on YOUTUBE!

Love Ghost: Ireland Tour exclusive premiere Friday August 16th on YOUTUBE! – also list 



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Winner- Best Documentary Short:
New York Film Awards
Five Continents International Film Festival
Festigious International Film Festival
Cult Critic Movie Awards
Vegas Movie Awards

“That contrast begins on the arrangement level, where Mya Greene’s viola weaves depth and nuance into Finn Bell’s crushing grunge guitar and Ryan Stevens’ bass.
Between Samson Young’s deliberate drums and a seemingly aimless melody, “Nowhere” captures an essential paradox of the teenage experience: the feeling of having no specific destination, and the imperative to get there yesterday. The video, directed by Dan Bell, harnesses the same duality.
Pairing dramatic rooftop performance footage with Lena Bishop’s colorful animated sequences, it’s the visual equivalent of the track’s Pixies-style dynamics.
Love Ghost are the picture of a promising teenage band. Here’s hoping the path to ‘Nowhere’ brings them back around for more.”- The All Scene Eye
WINNER- NYC Indie Film Awards- Best Music Video
WINNER- Oniros Film Awards (Italy)- Best Drone Video
FINALIST- Oniros Film Awards- Best Music Video
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