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Wow this weeks show I got lucky! I was just talking to a group of actors about all the cheap commercials and films that large companies are making and how the actor is now just getting the crumbs of the productions, from non union and some union. It just seems with the advances of technology with filming and producing, the actors product (Acting) has gone backwards. We are paid less, productions are more unsafe than they have ever been.

This got me thinking about doing a show on self producing, self mastery, AND I remebered that our friend of the show introduced me to some great motivators in the film and TV industry. So, I reached out to one of them Jenna Edwards an award-winning producer, and creator of Indie Movie Mastery Online Producing Course, and to come on the show and talk about what I called the PRO-Actor. Now this does not mean professional actor, it means the ProACTIVE actor ( #ProActor ) and how they can learn to take control of their career, and create their own opportunities. Listen to the weeks show, Jenna is great and truly inspiring.


Jenna Edwards is an award-winning producer having been one of the first producers to ever do a “day and date” release with theaters and iTunes as well as being the first to ever produce a narrative feature for

Her specialty is making sure the filmmaker is focused on their ultimate career goals while figuring out how each project helps to lead them on that path. Her passion is helping filmmakers figure out how to really make a living making the movies they want to make, that includes getting FULL FUNDING for their projects.

She was a teacher at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and has recently become a #1 best-selling author.

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As the creator of the Indie Movie Mastery Online Producing Course, Jenna believes there’s a million ways to make a movie, but there are certain foundations that you must know in order to make it easier.

She teaches those with a friendly sternness and a whole-lotta yellow in her self-study course available at Vimeo. Her personal dream is to see creative people really doing the projects that feed their souls because she believes that when your own light is being made brighter, you are able to shine that light more effectively on the world.





Jenna Edwards

Writer | Speaker / Award winning producer,  



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