Leonardo DiCaprio is a CHEAPSKATE! says @FlushingHollywood: Fake News, Fake Boobs, Hutchison shares the truth!

Leonardo DiCaprio is a CHEAPSKATE! says @FlushingHollywood:

In Flushing Hollywood: Fake News, Fake Boobs, Hutchison finally shares the unabashed truth about such topics as:

  • The determination and sacrifices it takes to “make it” in Hollywood.
  • The feast, famine, competition, and back-stabbing of the entertainment world.
  • Brushing up against blatant racism, sexism, greed, and politicalized prejudice, with specific celebrities — such as Jamie Foxx, Sam Jackson, Sean Penn, and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • What it was like working with Tom Hanks.
  • Being blackballed by the industry at large.
  • Contending with a Mother-in-Law from Hell.
  • The “fake news” of entertainment media.

Sample Chapter


The Green Mile… Yes, folks… Tom Hanks’ poop really does stink, too! 

After thirteen years of yo-yo-ing between various acting work, odd-ball jobs, and unemployment checks, my life completely transforms as a big fish called The Green Mile lands in my bucket. Starring Tom Hanks, Bonnie Hunt, and David Morse (to name a few of the heavy-hitters), every talent agent and manager in town are literally salivating to get their clients attached to the movie. The late legendary casting director Mali Finn (who helped get me in the door for A Time to Kill) is casting. Her phones are ringing off the hook… Read More

FEBRUARY 11th 2020

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