Meet Nina Fiore, Founding Director of Astoria Film

Meet Nina Fiore, Founding Director of Astoria Film Festival @astoriafilmfestival  Join us @FilmFestivalLive streaming at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST, Wednesday, July 7, 2021 (on YouTube, Facebook & Tw).  Nina talks with our Host Will Roberts @actorwillroberts about the mission of the Astoria Film Festival and how they support indie filmmakers.

“We will discuss the power of the Astoria Film Festival for the filmmaker & their indie film.  Filmmaker, believe it when I tell you that the right film festival makes a difference for the marketability of your film.”

BIO:  Nina Fiore – Founding Director – Astoria Film Festival


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Nina Fiore is the Founder and Executive Director of Astoria Film Festival.  Nina has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University and has long been involved with television production, afterschool education, and nonprofit management.

Nina managed the team at Viacom that created and launched the Noggin Channel. She produced video, digital, and social media content for Noggin and also created and produced content for MTV, Comedy Central, PBS, Sesame Street, Paramount TV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Comedy Central, Sesame Workshop, USA Networks, WE Networks, Merrill Lynch, Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Channel. Additionally, she has worked as an Assistant Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Executive Producer, and Editor on a number of podcasts and Independent Films.

Nina also has over 25 years experience in Education. She managed an After School Program in the Mission Hill Housing Complex in Roxbury, MA, created a Digital After School program at the Children’s Aid Society in Harlem, NYC that served as a pilot program for Intel’s Computer Classrooms, and, after graduate school, served as Communications Director and Grants Director at The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Nina also served as STEM and Art Instructor, and eventually, Director of Education and Communications at Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens, where she conceived of creating the Astoria Film Festival, as she saw a demand among students from historically-excluded groups for filmmaking skills, and wanted a way to connect them with the filmmakers in the community.  Nina homeschools her son, advocates for disability rights, and resides in her hometown of Astoria, NY.

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