Millennial influence marketing company @SharkReach Poised to Skyrocket

@SharkReach, Inc, Poised to Skyrocket SHRK Guaranteed Universal Pictures 7 Million Impressions For STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Social Media Marketing Campaign…DELIVERED 131 Million!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.33.19 PMSharkReach, Inc. (“SharkReach®” or the “Company”) (OTC Markets: SHRK), a millennial influence marketing company today announced that it is currently working on a Straight Outta Compton Blu-ray campaign for Universal Pictures award winning film as a follow up to its highly successful pre-release collaboration with the studio.

Forbes recently ran an interview with the Founder and newly appointed CEO of the Company, Steve Smith, where he elaborated on the effectiveness of the Company’s social media campaign to drive awareness and create viewer demand prior to the release of the major motion picture.

Due in part to the Company’s results for Universal Pictures, the Forbes Contributor of the article said that SharkReach: “… is poised to skyrocket after recently going public.”

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SharkReach was tasked by Universal Pictures to activate influencers to drive awareness for the film because the studio had only seen modest results in working with other influencer marketing companies.

However, success came when Universal executives chose to give SharkReach exclusive access over all other influencer companies.

Doug Neil, of Universal Pictures said the SharkReach “… stand(s) out in the ‘influencer marketing space… (they) executed a compelling and unique program…  for the film Straight Outta Compton.”

Straight Outta Compton really blows away anything else that we’ve done, and what anyone else has done in the theatrical space.” Said Steve Smith, SharkReach Founder and CEO.

Smith commented on the incredible success in consumer awareness the Company created for Universal’s film.  “Our commitment to Universal Pictures, in terms of the numbers of guaranteed impressions promised, was just under 7 million impressions… but what we actually delivered… was right around 131 million… 120 million more than we had promised them.”

logo-sharkreach-1Searching for an answer to explain the overreaching success in the number of impressions created, Universal Executive Doug Neil pointed to the Company’s masterful cultivation, use of and its handling of relationships with the talent, their families and those other significant influencers in their inner circle.

“The authentic relationship they have with their talent makes them stand out in the ‘influencer marketing’ space. That’s the piece that is usually missing in other influence marketing programs.” added Neil.

Smith said “We want the client to be happy, the brands to be happy, and most of all the talent to be excited about what we’re doing which usually leads to an over-performance by the talent. Just like all of us, if you like what you are doing, agree with it… want to do it… you will usually give it your best!

We were also lucky that we had a number of the sons of founding NWA members go to the places in the movie in Compton that only they could access because they are family. We took a simple thing where we have hip-hop talent do social posts about a hip-hop movie.

Our process is understanding what the client wants and then leveraging our close, direct working relationship with the talent to conceptualize content that… will be effective to capture the intended audience.”

This Compton campaign was so effective that Javon Frazier, Professor of Strategic Marketing at UCLA, has based an entire semester on this campaign.

As to the Company’s relations with Universal Pictures, Smith said: We’re actually working on the campaign for this summer’s upcoming blockbuster ‘Warcraft’ based on the best-selling videogame right now for the studio, which will be the next theatrical to take over the socialsphere!”

AboutSharkReach, Inc.

SharkReach, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHRK). SharkReach is a Disruptive Millennial Media Company that combines the strength of an Influencer Owned Network with Proprietary Technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring Branded Sharable Content.

What sets SharkReach apart from other companies in the marketplace is that its influencers (both grass roots individuals and Celebrities) are also its shareholders… and that its network has a larger potential market reach than the top 5 television networks combined!

20,000+ Influencers

with 500+ Million Followers

with 200+ Million Likes & Shares

produces an Aggregate Reach of 2.9 Billion.

SharkReach as one of the first companies in this space is an established leader in Influencer Marketing. It presently has the largest footprint, and plans to further enlarge its market share through various select acquisitions. It has shown that is has the unique ability to reach the Gen Y and Millennial demographic.

Millennials Demand exacting standards in the products and services that are essential to satisfying their social conscience and personal needs. They are the first of several generations to come that will veer away from traditional media.

They do NOT watch television, and they do not trust brands and commercials.

Their purchasing decisions are impacted by the individuals, friends, and celebrities that they follow on Social Media and YouTube.

Historically, and in this order, television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising were the ways to reach clients. To reach more clients and to increase sales, Celebrity Endorsements were added to Brands to increase the effectiveness of these traditional media outlets.

Sponsored Social Media… Influencer Marketing… now sits atop the field!

In a recent report of the most effective marketing ratings, Influencer Marketing, in absolute ratings, beat Celebrity Endorsements, Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper advertising.

In the last year alone, Influencer Marketing has seen positive gains, significantly out-pacing all tested approaches in “Positive Momentum”:

    Momentum Change in Marketer Regard    vs.   Year Ago/This Year
    Influencer Marketing                            -7      +65
    Celeb Endorsements                             -12      +21
    TV Ads                                         -20      +12
    Radio Ads                                      -32      +11
    Magazine Ads                                   -36       +4
    Newspaper Ads                                  -56       +6
    Source: IZEA, Halverson Group

Our Tracking & Reporting platform and quantifying systems enable clients to select suitable Influencers and to track campaigns in ways they have not been available before.

There are three main components:

SharkRank:  Influencer Ranking System and Influencer Marketplace.

Allows clients to select suitable Influencers for their Campaign utilizing Shark Ranks proprietary influencer-ranking algorithm.

SharkScore:  Campaign Level Reporting Engine.

Reporting engine that allows clients to log in and view the statistics of delivery of the campaign in real time calculating impressions, views, like and shares, carrying the reporting across all social media outlets and the web.

SharkPulse:  Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring & Brand Sentiment Reporting.

SharkPulse Real-Time Reporting Dashboard allows our clients to view in real-time the activity of their campaigns through our proprietary dashboard…across all social media networks! It monitors brand sentiment across Social Media and the Web a first in influencer marketing. Ability to set up auto responders for Negative posts. Acts as an insurance policy for your brand allowing you to follow every conversation and respond.


For more information on SharkReach, please visit the Company’s website at

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The Company was public but not yet trading at the time of the article but is now actively trading. (Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.)

For more information on SharkReach, please visit the Company’s website at

To be added to the SharkReach® investor email list, please email InvestorRelations@sharkreach.comwith SHRK in the subject line.

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