My name is David Sandoval Jr…and I was a Hitman @WillRobertsActs

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My name is David Sandoval Jr…and I was a Hitman. I am until I die a Made Man in Bonanno Family. I was born into “The Life”, my old man was an enforcer for the Bonanno’s in New York and my mom was niece of The Boss. I was born in Brooklyn New York and I was ordered by The Boss to move to San Jose, CA to expand the Family’s interest into San Jose, CA.

I ran the San Jose, CA branch of Bonanno Crew, we did Hits, Collections and we were major players in the Dope game. We we’re The Earners …My story is a true insiders view of the mafia in Northern California and it that comes from “The Street”, from The Capos to The Soldiers to The Connected guys… to The Hitman.

Me and my crew made The Family successful in San Jose and we accomplished this by having the Power of Money, Fear & Murder.

We are raising $1,600,000 for our budget and are filming the project in San Jose, CA on April 6, 2020.


Help fund this epic film:–2#/

We are currently in negotiations with marquee actors for principal roles, actors such as Ray Liotta (Goodfellas (1990), Armand Assante (Gotti (1996) and Lillo Brancato (A Bronx Tale (1993) & The Sopranos (2000).

I am in tight with much love with my San Jose Community and I have the love and respect of my community to successfully make this film.

Salud Chindon,

David Sandoval Jr.

Writer & Executive Producer

The Faction of a Hitman

The Faction A Hitman. Blood, Money or Loyalty

Written by David M Sandoval Jr based on True Events

Help fund this epic film:–2#/


The Faction of A Hitman is based on lives that are in the Mafia across all raciest Involved in California in the 1970’s to mid-80’s, mayhem ensues, but through the craziness and how deadly the Italians can be. They bring control to the region.

Angelo is a charismatic, Twenty to Thirty Something enforcer and Drug connection in New York working for the Gambino’s destined to be made. One to relay on in any situation, very loyal. He works and knows most crew members from all families. He is friends with Jr from the Bonanno’s which is the Son of the boss of the family. Jr and Angelo become best friends. He starts hanging more with Jr and his crew. Starts doing pick up hits for the Bonanno’s with Animal. While hanging around Angelo meets the Niece Ashely and starts dating her, she becomes his main girl. Ashely is in her 20’s and falls head over heels for him. With his loyalty to the Gambino’s it causes a problem for their relationship. As time goes on the Boss retires, which puts the family in a situation. Angelo mission is to protect his best friend Jr. Angelo Marries Ashely to become a member of Jr’s crew.

The Crime Boss retires leaves New York and takes a few loyal soldiers with Him. The Five Families give him an opportunity to run a new State with over site. Which he was already in works with. He has sent Angelo and some Members out to the new location to get things set up. This is where the mayhem begins. Not knowing to anyone, any member what fight lays ahead.

Now in San Jose, Angelo and Joe starts to set up connections. They get real estate, business and become members of the community. Under the Businessmen they portray they take over the region Dope Deals, Racketing, enforcement and money Laundering. They are ruthless in the way they do it New York style. The organize the local gangs, Prison gangs for all raciest to get cuts of everything. With that comes the local Gangs that fight back. And things go south for the Italians.

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With the Head of the Family between CA and Az they control a lot of factions. One faction they can’t control is the Police. They must fight not only the Local but the Feds. Since San Jose had not seen crime at this level prior, they bring in a hot shot FBI Agent from Boston to work the Organized crime division.

Angelo is becoming a figure in the Underground of San Jose known as a killer along with Jr which tends to get into more problems with his hot temper. Sr is looking more to Angelo as a leader then Jr, which is causing a little e between the friends. Both of their Wife’s are best friends and work in the Art gallery that Jr and Karen own.

Jr is aware of the push for Angelo to become leader and pushes him into situation that are simply crazy. The California Faction of the Crime family is not paying attention to what New York is doing and now is going to hit the Crime family hard.

As this unfolds in the foreground, the story’s backdrop reveals that, in the midst of a particularly hot summer that New York has sanctioned a Hit on the Family all the Underbosses to make a point, which they believe to be Jr and Angelo are. Pay back for not following Mafia Rules.

With New York mobster here in San Jose all the other Factions start to get wind and gets into the War.

Angelo, Jr and Animal take on a war which is brutal, unforeseen. They have so much to lose. They don’t back down and take on this fight with open eyes. They are going after the New York crew with vengeance. The Head of the Family gets involved but before he can make moves the FBI gets Sr. Gets sent away for a year. Jr and Angelo now have to run the family and fight the War.

Through all the fighting and killing they get it done. Lost a lot of Friends and Soldiers. Family never the same in California. With all the did, Killed and money they made. The Crime Boss of the Family stills gets Ostracized out.

Angelo Says “San Jose, Are you kidding me? Nothing happens in San Jose”

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