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Angela Meryl—Stuntwoman & Actor!

Angela Meryl - Stuntwoman - Actor - Writer
Angela Meryl – Stuntwoman – Actor – Writer

For stuntwoman, actor–Angela Meryl, the answer to the “what next?” question that one is frequently asked following a live performance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, was quite obvious: “You do your best to put out a book that inspires others do what you do, even better.”

Following the spring of 2012 season she spent in the country of Turkey, working on the blockbuster smash, Skyfall, Meryl—an award winning, Hollywood stuntwoman for nearly two decades now, then took on the new title of “author,” with the release of STUNTS: THE HOW TO HANDBOOK…  Secrets From An Award Winning Hollywood Stuntwoman.

Well received by a long list of media outlets including Entertainment Weekly, The Tom Joyner Show, The Buzz Bissinger Show, The B Smith and Dan Show, NPR’s “Tell Me More,” Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, Upscale Magazine, The Philadelphia Enquirer and more—the book thoroughly chronicles Meryl’s experiences in the business.

It begins with an accounting of her experience on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which took place during the eve of the finale season. Part I then goes on to reveal the intricacies of the embodiment of her work, including a plethora of tried and proven techniques that have allowed her to become the celebrated stuntwoman she is today.

Then in Part II, Meryl offers to all others the nuts, bolts and often untold secrets for success in the stunt business, Angela+Meryl+Stunts+book+cover+Photo+XXXXXX+Publicationswhere she frequently doubles such A-list names as Beyonce, Halle Berry, Rihanna,Vanessa L. Williams and so many more. As a result, she is unequivocally qualified to answer “YES“ to the two pertinent questions one must always ask any giver of advice: #1. Have you tried it? #2. Did it work for you?

Meryl, a former model and make-up artist from Willingboro, New Jersey, received her first stunt gig alongside actor Sinbad, in the movie First Kidd. The game changer occurred when she came crashing through a glass table in the opening scene of Kill Bill Volume I, while doubling Vivica A. Fox. That performance garnered industry wide recognition and applause from peers in the business and fans to this day of the Quentin Tarantino directed cult flick hit.

In Meryl’s world, everyday life beyond the paramount role of motherhood to an elementary aged daughter includes the elements of proper diet, exercise and rest for constant training and playtime daily. As a result, she continues to reign supreme when it comes to crashing vehicles, jumping off rooftops, repelling from helicopters, swimming the deep blue seas or the murky water of the Hudson Bay behind the faces of Hollywood’s finest talent on the big screen and the silver screen.

Angela’s Book: STUNTS: THE HOW TO HANDBOOK…  Secrets From An Award Winning Hollywood Stuntwoman.


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Check out some of the great online classes Heidi Dean has to offer!
Check out some of the great online classes Heidi Dean has to offer!









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