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Rhavynn Drummer Casting Director/ Coach/ Producer on ActingUpRadio.com

Rhavynn Drummer Casting Director/ Coach/ Producer on ActingUpRadio.com from ActorWillRoberts.com on Vimeo.


Rhavynn Drummer Casting Director/ Coach/ Producer

Rhavynn Drummer is an Atlanta based Director, Producer, and Casting Director who has always had a love for actors and great performances. She began her career in casting at Tyler Perry Studios. While working at the studio she has participated in the casting of fifteen feature films, eight television series, and seven theatrical productions. She has had the privilege of working on projects like “The Family that Preys,” “Why did I Get Married Too?” “The Marriage Counselor” and the most recent television series’ “The Haves and The Have Nots” and “If Loving You is Wrong” currently on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Rhavynn graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Theater and American Studies. During her time at UVA she re-started the Paul Robeson Players, a theater company focused on producing African-American stories and experiences.IMDB

Rhavynn is the creator of two digital series “Good Girls” and “Brooklyn Blue Sky” on BET.com. For more information go to www.rhavynndrummer.com.


Website is www.RhavynnDrummer.com.
Social Media:
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Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Rhavynn7

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Steven Bernstein @stevebfilm Director & Writer on ActingUpRadio.com

Steven Bernstein Director and Writer is our guest this week on ActingUpRadio.com

So this is where I tell you actors and industry folks that if you don’t do social media you are missing the boat. That if you don’t engage in a proper way on your social media, you most likely are the type of person that is waiting for opportunities instead of running after them and if you don’t know this by now, life does not run after you, death does.

Where am I going with this, well our guest today Steven Bernstein Director and Writer constantly in our conversation on the show talked about being fearless, going after it, look at things in a different way. Hence, the way I got Steve on the interview.  I  “Lightly” invite him on Instagram. When I say lightly, I mean no heavy handed, constant direct messages and no Me Me Me request.

Take it from me that when you get successful at anything, social media brings out a lot of people that believe it is ok to ask for anything. Things I would not even give you if you were standing in front of me and had my attention. Anyway, using your social media the right way can get you conversations with all types of people and possibly opportunities.

So, my social media tip of the day: If it would bother you, it bothers others, be respectful and engage with your social media followers don’t engulf them.


Steven Bernstein, ASC, DGA, is an American cinematographer, director, screenwriter and author.[1] In 1992 he won the Best Artistic Contribution Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival for Like Water for Chocolate alongside Emmanuel Lubezki.[2] He also won the Cannes Golden Lion for his work in commercials. His book Film Production (Focal Press) has been translated into several languages and at one time was the bestselling textbook about film making. Bernstein was a 2014 ASC nominee for the Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in One-Hour Episodic Television Series Award for his work on Magic City.

Bernstein has acted in minor roles in several films, has directed shorts, music videos and television commercials, and has lectured widely. He made his directing feature film debut with 2014’s Decoding Annie Parker for which he was awarded The Alfred P. Sloan Award at the Hampton’s International Film Festival. Bernstein is currently in post production on Dominion, a feature film about the final days of Dylan Thomas‘s life, starring John Malkovich, Rhys Ifans, Rodrigo Santoro, Romola Garai, and Tony Hale, which he wrote and is directing.

Here is that trailer:

Photo by Philippe Bosse

Please share and like this trailer for the upcoming film DOMINION. Called “Oscar worthy,” and “one of the best films of the year” by critics at the Rio film festival, Hollywood Reporter says “Dominion’s daring never becomes pretentiousness… is as rewarding as it is uncomfortable…. plenty of wit and perception.” #DOMINION. #RhysIfans, #JohnMalkovich,#TonyHale, #RodrigoSantoro,#RomolaGarai,#ZosiaMamet the brilliant cast.#Dylanthomas,#stevenbernstein,#poetryfilm, See Less

A teaser for the upcoming DOMINION staring Rhys Ifans, John Ma…

Please share and like this trailer for the upcoming film DOMINION. Called "Oscar worthy," and "one of the best films of the year" by critics at the Rio film festival, Hollywood Reporter says "Dominion's daring never becomes pretentiousness… is as rewarding as it is uncomfortable…. plenty of wit and perception." #DOMINION. #RhysIfans, #JohnMalkovich,#TonyHale, #RodrigoSantoro,#RomolaGarai,#ZosiaMamet the brilliant cast.#Dylanthomas,#stevenbernstein,#poetryfilm,

Posted by Steven Bernstein, Director/writer on Sunday, August 21, 2016


PRODUCTION: A Dominion Films, FilmColony production. (International sales: Lightning Entertainment, Los Angeles). Producers: Richard N. Gladstein, Steven Bernstein, Nolan McDonald, Jacek Szumlas, Carolyn Rodney, John Malkovich. Co-Producers: Alain Gagnon, Brigitte Huff. Executive Producers: Chris Anjema, Michelle Anjema, Deanna Bartucci, Mac Blair, Wendy Demerchant Boone, Jeremy Ferdman, Sohrab Luchtmedial.

CREW: Director, screenplay: Steven Bernstein. Camera (B&W/color): Antal Steinbach. Editors: Chris Gill, Adam Bernstein, Zimo Huang. Music: Steve Bramson.

WITH: Rhys Ifans, John Malkovich, Rodrigo Santoro, Romola Garai, Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet.

Instagram: @stevenbernsteindirectorwriter
Twitter: @stevebfilm · Twitter


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