Will Roberts @WillRobertsActs Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”

Actor Will Roberts Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”


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Will Roberts Wins Best Actor in the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for Short Film “Signal”

[Hollywood, CA], [ Aug, 16 2018 ] Actor and comedian, Will Roberts, won Best Actor in a Short Film during the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for the short film “Signal.” The 2018 edition of the film festival took place from August 10 to August 12 at the Sepulveda Screening Room in West Los Angeles, California. 

The Golden State Film Festival aims to provide emerging independent filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their works and talents. Independent actors and filmmakers usually don’t get much recognition and appreciation for their work due to other big names in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. The film festival allows independent filmmakers to enjoy exposure before esteemed industry decision-makers and film enthusiasts. This year’s Golden State Film Festival also featured filmmakers from around the world and both feature-length and short films. 

Signal was nominated for Best Short Film. Although the film did not win the award, Will Roberts, the lead actor in Signal, still won Best Actor in a Short Film. 

“THE OTHER DAY … I attended the Golden State film festival @goldenstatefilmfestival in Los Angeles. Saw the first time viewing of @SignalTheFilm that was created, shot, and produced by @diogomorgado. I was fortunate enough to be the LEAD ACTOR In this short film. I went to the film festival with the intention that we were up for the best short film. THE BAD NEWS … we did not win the best Short film. THE MIND BLOWING part of it is, I just received the BEST ACTOR in a short film of all the films. I’m beside myself… thank you @diogomorgado @dana_johann @vitorgiudicioficial @alexandrearaujooficiall .. this is an amazing thing! #IdLikeToThankTheAcademy lol and thank you #Brazil for the great background you provided us,” says Will. 

Signal has received 6 other best film awards.

Will has been an actor for the past 30 years. He has spent the last 30 years developing a variety of talents, including hosting, shooting, clowning, dancing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Will has worked as an on-air FOX Kids host, theater actor, and syndicated radio humorist.  He has performed on Las Vegas strip and showcased his comedic work with the renowned Cirque du Soleil. 

He has played various roles throughout his acting career. His previous works include the TV series “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead” where he played the role of Detective Alan Davis and the feature film “The West and the Ruthless” where he was a cast as Emery Chaplin. 

Aside from being a veteran actor, he is also a Guinness World Record Gun Spinner, professional cowboy, whip artist and trick roping expert. Will is a skilled voice talent as well. He provides the high-quality voice-over for online and radio commercials, whiteboard, web spots, presentations and other audio tracks. Since each track is professionally mastered, it can be added to the media immediately. The tracks are noise-free and have clear diction. Will has provided the voice-over for a wide range of clients, including Salinas Rodeo, Cherokee Sports, Raptor Razor Knifes, Harteis Ranch, Hawke Optics, Bear Archery, Pocket Hose, Hollywood Hunter and PBR.

About Will Roberts:

Will Roberts has been a professional actor for more than 20 years. He is a mechanical bull coach, gun coach, and roping coach. Will is also a motivational speaker, gun spinner, dancer, fire performer, magician, singer, mime, juggler, trick roper, cowboy, whip artist, equestrian and physical comedian. 


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