Will Roberts – @WillRobertsUSA & Diogo Morgado – @D_Morgado are FRAMETALK

FrameTalk is a new podcast brought to you by ActingUpRadio.com. Hosts Will Roberts (California) and Diogo Morgado (Portugal) talk each week, as friends about film, TV, Web series, and any other form of media. The approach of the show is not critics of media rather the love of it.

This week: Forest Gump 1994 ‧ Drama film/Comedy-drama & Metropolis 1927 ‧ Science fiction film

Will Roberts & Diogo Morgado are FRAMETALK
Will Roberts & Diogo Morgado are FRAMETALK

Diogo Morgado:

Diogo Morgado has been in several American television series and movies since his groundbreaking portrayal of “Jesus” in 20th Century Fox’s feature film “Son of God” and in The History Channel’s highly rated, Emmy nominated miniseries “The Bible,” which first made him known in the United States. Guest starring as “Miguel Vega” on the CBS drama “CSI: Cyber” alongside Academy Award winning actress Patricia Arquette, Diogo was also recently seen on TV starring as “The Man” on the CW drama series, “The Messengers.” He was seen in “Love Finds You In Valentine,” a romantic, modern day Western tale. Diogo has had leading roles in independent films in the U.S. as well — including the action-driven adrenaline film “Born to Race: Fast Track,” and the gritty urban drama “Red Butterfly.”

Already a household name in his native Portugal and one of GQ’s “Men of the Year,” Morgado’s career spans top television, film and stage productions. Morgado began his career at the age of fifteen. Diogo is also a passionate theater actor and had lead roles in prestigious plays such as David Hare’s “Skylight” and Peter Shaffer’s “The Royal Hunt to the Sun.”

Beyond Portugal, Diogo has had lead roles in a few international films like Spain’s “Dos Rivales Casi Iguales,” “Mami Blue,” and “Star Crossed,” as well as Brazil’s “Revelação” and “The Jungle.”

He considers himself most of all a storyteller. Directing has been something he’s been pursuing for the last couple of years with some titles already. Two short films “Break” and “Excuse” and this year he made his directorial debut on a feature film “Malapata”

Will Roberts:

Will Roberts is a renaissance man to say the least. A professional SAG actor for the past 27 years. A top western performer and former Cirque du Soleil act in Las Vegas.

Will has spent the last 25 years developing quite a variety of talents. From an on air FOX Kids host, a seasoned theater actor, Syndicated radio humorist, to performing on Las Vegas strip and his comedic work with the famed Cirque du Soleil. Take a look at Will’s work and you will agree that this actor has the versatility & acting chops to hang with the big boys.

Will Roberts is an internationally renowned performer and speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor. He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America. Along with being a masterful trick roper and gun spinner, Will finds time to be a Cirque du Soleil artist on the Las Vegas Strip, business owner, social networking consultant, author, television segment host, and certified performance coach.Now donʼt be fooled, Will is a Cowboy. The values and skills of the West are in his blood and are his true passion. He apprenticed with world-renowned Mexican charros and Hawaiian paniolos to help him achieve his current level of success.

Since 2000, Will has been working with leading corporations, like Ebay, Anthony Munoz Foundation, Wells Fargo, and Ford Motor Company. He shares the western arts of trick roping, gun spinning and whip cracking with a good dose of humor.

Willʼs performance is perfect for motivating a crowd and adding excitement to an event. His presentations are always extremely energetic and highly interactive.

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